Monthly Archives: July 2016

Ordering Heating Oil in the Summer

If you use home heating oil, Kerosene, you may think that ordering it is something to look at during the winter months, when the weather is a lot colder. Given the warmer weather in the summer time, it may seem odd … Read more

Have you discovered our fuel delivery service yet?

Here at Crown Oil, we specialise in offering a first class fuel delivery service for our customers. We have a range of vehicles that can supply different types of fuel such as diesel / Derv, red diesel, heating oil, biodiesel, … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Red Diesel

Whether you have or haven’t heard of red diesel before, our guess is that you will always have questions regarding its usage, purpose or legality. Red Diesel (the marking of rebated Gas Oil) has been around since 1961 and although … Read more