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From supplying alternative fuels to voluntarily offsetting our delivery mileage since 2007, we’re passionate about fuelling a greener future. Discover what green steps we’re taking to help the UK achieve its Net Zero Carbon Target. Call 0330 123 1444

Crown Oil

Our Transition to Becoming an Alternative Fuel Supplier

We understand that as a fuel supplier, our operations require continual growth to support the growing demands that our customers are facing to ensure they achieve their business legal obligations and goals.

In 2018, at Crown Oil, we embarked on a journey to become one of the UK’s leading alternative fuel suppliers to help achieve the government’s Net Zero Carbon Target. We continuously seek ways to allow our customers to continue to operate while achieving sustainability. Thanks to our forward-thinking team of industry experts, we’re leading the way and urging businesses to change their fuels to change our future.

hvo fuel

First fuel supplier to run entire fleet on HVO fuel

We can’t expect others to make a change without leading by example. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that the oil companies within the Crown Group are now run on Crown HVO. This makes us the first fuel suppliers in the UK to switch our entire fleet over to a 100% renewable diesel fuel.

Our delivery vehicles are the perfect showcase for the fuel and the switch will save over 3080 tonnes of net CO2 emissions per year!

UKIFDA Green Award winner 2021

We are absolutely over the moon to have won the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) Green Award for 2021, sponsored by Oilshield, a unique collaboration between European Insurance Services, Compass Environmental Consultancy and AVIVA.

It’s fantastic to receive recognition for our environmental initiatives within the liquid fuel distribution industry by such a prestigious organisation. The award further showcases our commitment to leading the way in sustainability and environmental performance for a decarbonised future.

Sustainable fuels for a sustainable future

With the increasing demand for businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions comes the increasing demand for alternative and sustainable fuels to replace fossil fuels.

We’re passionate about exploring new routes into sustainable fuels and encourage businesses to move towards a greener future. As a result, we’ve extended our product portfolio to include these greener fuels to provide our customers with a straightforward solution to the harmful emissions released from burning fossil fuels.

We have also created a range of resources to help customers understand these greener fuels, including face-to-face webinars with our in-house renewable fuel experts.

We’re innovative – we took a risk and invested heavily in hydrotreated vegetable oil, a direct drop-in diesel alternative that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 90%.

After a 100% uptake over the last year, we saw the market opportunity and began supplying Shell GTL fuel, to provide our customers with another green alternative to fossil fuels.

alternative fuel supplier

Crown HVO fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil)

Change is coming and we’re leading the way with Crown HVO fuel. Unlike biodiesels, HVO is an advanced renewable diesel fuel derived from 100% renewable waste streams through hydrotreatment and isomerisation. It’s created using hydrogen instead of methanol as a catalyst to remove oxygen in the process.

HVO has no bio and FAME included and, to that point, avoids the instability and operability issues seen by many low blend diesels and high blend biofuels. As it doesn’t oxidise or cause contamination, this gives it a shelf life of up to 10 years.

In addition to reducing net CO2 emissions by ca 90%, HVO is proven to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 27% and particulate matter by up to 84% – all key components towards achieving improved air quality.

At Crown Oil, we provide a fully traceable HVO product supported by sustainability certifications which are available with every purchase made. Whatever your industry and needs, HVO is the fuel to help your business achieve its sustainability goals.

Other alternative fuels we offer

Carbon Offset Red Diesel

To help counteract the environmental impact of using off-road fuel, we’re proud to offer businesses a cleaner alternative: carbon-offset red diesel (CORD). This is effectively the same fuel as standard red diesel, you just pay a little extra to counteract your emissions. Learn more about carbon offset red diesel.

Kleenburn Kerosene

Are you looking for a greener alternative to conventional kerosene/heating oil? Switch to carbon clean kerosene to significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and improve your boiler efficiency. Learn more about kleenburn kerosene.

Alternative fuels stations: The CrownCube

We’re proud to offer CrownCube fuel stations to ensure the safe storage of your alternative fuels. The tanks come in either 5,300-litre or 20,000-litre capacity and offer superior security for stationary fuelling. Featuring a full-height lockable cabinet and secure hose access, these bulk storage units are perfect for long-term projects. With a 110% bunded design that complies with BS799 Part 5, the CrownCube ensures an environmentally safe solution for bulk fuel storage.

We can also offer a flexible trial package which includes a sustainable fuel station loan. Call us today on 0330 107 1329 to discuss the various options available.


  • Shutter access door – high-security locking system to protect your liquid assets
  • 110% bunded – environmentally safe outer tank can hold all contents from the inner tank to prevent leaking
  • Access hatch – easy maintenance and access to the inner tank
  • Lifting eyes – ensures easy handling (empty only) and positioning onsite
  • Safe solution – tried and tested approved storage to keep your fuel safe outdoors
  • Pump cabinet – 600mm depth for easy install of pumps and accessories
sustainable fuel station

Popular CrownCube applications

Fuel management station – For fleet refuelling or dispensing fuel, tanks can be fitted to become complete fuel management systems (track and control fuel levels ensuring efficient fuel safety and accountability). Fuel stations provide one fuelling point onsite, reducing the risk of spills and unnecessary tanker movements.

Standby power application – The CrownCube tanks are ideal for large projects that require generator power installations and other standby applications.

Bulk fuel storage – This product range can be used to refuel vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural equipment efficiently. They are ideal for large equipment fleets that require constant storage onsite, allowing significant cost savings with the purchase of fuel.

What other green initiatives are in place?

As part of our efforts to tackle climate change and promote a safe and sustainable workplace, we pledge to run all our buildings on renewable energy by the end of 2022, including our offices and depots.

We’re enthusiastic about providing end to end solutions to help businesses with all areas of their fuel management. From oil spill emergency responses to carbon offsetting our delivery mileage and uplifting unwanted fuel, we’re dedicated to helping improve our environment.

  • Recycling all waste, paper, toners, old IT equipment
  • We have plans in place to install solar panels on all our buildings
  • Recycling all barrels: collect customers’ empty barrels and reuse them
  • Light sensors, LED light bulbs throughout buildings
  • Paperless invoicing
  • We’ve been shortlisted for the UKIFDA Green Award which showcases our environmental commitment to sustainability across our product range and company ethos
alternative fuels supplier

One of the first fuel suppliers to go carbon-neutral

Due to the nature of our business, we recognise that our operations influence the environment. As a result, we continuously seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint and have been voluntarily offsetting the carbon emissions produced from our tankers when delivering fuel to our customers since 2007.

What does carbon offsetting mean?

We obtain carbon credits that fund investment projects around the world that offer an equal reduction in harmful emissions. These projects help to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, improve peoples’ welfare, boost biodiversity and fund renewable energy.

Carbon offsetting ensures there’s no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and is supported by certified credits. We also offer this service to our customers, allowing them to offset their operations in the same way as we do our own. To find out more, visit our Carbon Offset Red Diesel page.

Benefits of carbon offsetting:

  • Supports a cleaner environment
  • Reduces global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improves community welfare
  • Reduces your environmental impact
  • Boosts biodiversity by protecting threatened habitats

By choosing Crown Oil as your fuel supplier, you’re already taking steps to become more environmentally friendly. If you have any further questions about our alternative fuels, contact our expert team on 0330 123 1444 who can answer any questions to help your business better understand the benefits of transitioning to cleaner, greener fuels today.

tonnes of net CO2 reduced across our transport fleet from using HVO

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