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Crown Oil supplies fuels and lubricants to many homes and businesses throughout the UK. For over 65 years, we have grown in size and strength to be one of the leading red diesel suppliers in Barrow in Furness. The North West is constantly developing and the landscape changes year on year and here at Crown Oil, we find ourselves supplying the area with more and more fuels all the time.Red Diesel Suppliers Barrow in Furnace

Red diesel (also known as gas oil) remains one of the most robust fuels for agricultural, horticultural, marine, construction and commercial use. If you work within these industries, chances are you’ll understand the importance of commercial gas oil. That’s why when you’re looking for the right fuel supplier, you need one which can deliver the amount of gas oil which you need, on time and when you need it!

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Red Diesel Fuel Suppliers in Barrow in Furness

Located in the County of Cumbria, Barrow in Furness is the 2nd largest town positioned at the end of the Northern coast of Morecambe Bay. Commonly referred to as Barrow, it once was a hamlet renowned for fishing but, mined hematite and an industrial revolution through steel made the population of Barrow in Furness grow from 150 people to 40,000 in less than a decade.

Barrow became Barrow in Furness when it joined with neighbouring towns and districts and is only beaten in size by neighbouring Carlisle as the largest town in Cumbria. Still to this day, it remains a town of industry and agriculture made up of many working class people (known as Barrovians). It’s home to dockyards (which at one time were some of the largest in the world) as well as being packed with beautiful rural areas too!

The good people of Barrow in Furness buy red diesel, kerosene, heating oil and lubricants in bulk and barrels. We offer same day deliveries for all fuels to barrow in Furness as well as fuel management services and priority contracts. As well as supplying fuels to Barrow, we offer nationwide deliveries and services throughout the UK.

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North-west areas that we also supply red diesel to include: