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Bulk buy red diesel in CoventryCrown Oil is a fuel oil distributor supplying red diesel, diesel, kerosene and lubricants to the public and private sector on a nationwide scale. We are also red diesel suppliers in Coventry, and we can deliver any other fuel and fuel oil related products, such as barrels, spill kits, mobile bowsers, etc.

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Red Diesel Suppliers in Coventry

When the chill of winter settles on Coventry, you will find many of the citizens scrambling to get their home heating fuel storage tanks filled to the brim. Diesel suppliers understand that the first cold snap will see an increase in the number of calls they receive red diesel users.

Coventry is a large city in the county of West Midlands in England, and as part of the United Kingdom, you can understand why people would be concerned about winter temperatures. The chill of this season is accentuated by the proximity to water from the Atlantic Ocean.

Diesel suppliers are busy all year round with providing fuel for those with motorized vehicles that can be seen touring the streets, and also for farmers and home owners alike. Red diesel may be chemically similar to diesel that is used in private vehicles, but for taxing purposes it receives a red dye that designates it as use in home and farm equipment.

This red diesel is taxed at a greatly reduced rate because its intended purpose is not for road use. Those found using red diesel for motor vehicles used on the streets face a very stiff penalty for doing so. The reason for this is that it is the responsibility of those who use the roadways should pay for the right to do so.

Red diesel suppliers can be found delivering their supplies of red diesel and regular diesel to homes and farms as well as fuel stations around the county throughout the year. These suppliers are responsible for helping to keep homes warm, farms working and vehicles travelling the streets and roadways, and are not willing to disappoint the people that depend on them.

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