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Red Diesel Cumbria

Buying red diesel in Cumbria has never been easier than with Crown Oil. We make bulk buying gas oil and red diesel barrels simple with our low prices, huge availability and flexible deliveries.

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Red Diesel Cumbria - Same/Next Day Bulk and barrels Deliveries of Gas Oil

Same/Next Day Red Diesel Delivery in Cumbria

If you need red diesel Cumbria Crown Oil should be the first fuel supplier you think of. Not only can we offer you a same day red diesel delivery in an emergency but, we also offer next day deliveries for when you need gas oil in a hurry as well as offering flexible delivery days to suit you.

Buy Red Diesel in Cumbria

With low prices on all of our red diesel orders, you can be sure of only the best deals at Crown Oil. Our service levels are second to none which means we’ll be there with your gas oil when you need it and our 24/7 phone lines mean you can always get in touch with us when you you need to purchase red diesel for whatever reason.

With the cost of red diesel in Cumbria rising and falling throughout the year here at Crown Oil, we offer a free fuel management service to help keep you topped-up with red diesel with no run-outs. What’s more, we’ll order your fuel in for you at the best possible price which means you won’t be paying more when you don’t need to!


The beautiful area of Cumbria attracts many tourists each year and is a place our drivers enjoy delivering fuels and lubricants to. There is a need for red diesel, kerosene, diesel and lubricants in this area and we’ve been one of the leading fuel suppliers in the Cumbria area for many years.

With its lake districts and scenic towns, there is a large demand for gas oil in the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Naturally, lubricants required for machinery and kerosene (heating oil) needed to heat homes and properties is in high demand in this part of the north west.

From emergency red diesel deliveries to heating oil (fuel oil) and kerosene deliveries Crown Oil, should be your number one choice when choosing a reliable, local fuel supplier in Cumbria. You’ll receive the following benefits with each fuel order:

  • Buy Red Diesel 24-Hours A Day
  • Receive Your Own Dedicated Account Manager
  • Same/Next Day Delivery Options
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Order 205-36,500 litres +

Call us now on 0845 313 0845 or fill out the quote form for a red diesel delivery in Cumbria!

North-west areas that we also supply red diesel to include: