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We are red diesel suppliers in Derby. Crown Oil also deliver fuel anywhere in the UK. We offer a complete range of fuels and lubricants, as well as ancillary products.

We always make an effort to deliver your fuel at a date and time convenient for you. Our standard delivery is next working day, however, if you need red diesel urgently, we can deliver the same day.

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Red Diesel Suppliers in Derby

Derby is the largest towns in Derbyshire County. It is a little over 50 miles long and just 20 miles wide. Derby covers an area that is over 1,000 square miles. It is a beautiful town situated in the middle of England bordered by Cheshire, Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire. Coming from any direction, getting to Derby may present you with a bit of challenge. Most of the homes are heated by heating oil called red diesel fuel.

The only difference between red diesel fuel and the diesel fuel is in the colour and taxation. Diesel fuel is taxed higher and therefore more expensive than red diesel because it is mainly used for transportation. Vehicles that use the main roads frequently are supposed to use the conventional diesel fuel. However that may not always be the case. Diesel oil is then marked by a red dye so that the enforcement agencies will be able to identify what oil is being used and for what reason. Red diesel fuel however has different uses. It is used mainly to heat homes and to fuel vehicles that do not use the main roads such as tractor trailers and farm equipment.

Red diesel fuel is brought into Derby by its suppliers that know the area very well. Derby uses these fuels because the towns that surround it are largely rural in nature. In turn, those towns use a great deal of heavy farm equipment. They also use this same oil to supply heating for their homes. Fuel is extremely important in rural areas because farming is responsible for the majority of the income. Derby needs a red diesel supply company that can access the town and supply it with this essential fuel.

Other areas that we supply red diesel to include:

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