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Red Diesel Fuel Suppliers in Devon

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Do you need red diesel delivered to Devon?

We are red diesel suppliers in Devon and can supply whatever fuel you need quickly and efficiently. Our deliveries are always on time and our prices are always competitive. This has made us one of the leading fuel suppliers in the UK.

We deliver red diesel fuel to the public and private sector, e.g. construction sites, factories, schools, hospitals, industrial units, etc.

We can supply any fuel, including red diesel, diesel, heating oil and kerosene, as well as any fuel oil-related products, such as spill kits and mobile bowsers.

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Red Diesel Suppliers in Devon

Devon is a large county in South West England which has two coastlines. The South West Coast Path encompasses the entire length of both the north and south coastlines, offering golden sanded and white pebbled beaches. The Jurassic Coast, east of Exmouth is England’s first natural World Heritage Site. Many resorts and wooded estuaries populate Devon countryside. The green rolling hills with lanes and patchwork fields are spotted with thatched and white-washed cottages and Devon longhouses. Besides the breathtaking coastlines of Devon, there is also the wild heather moorland in Exmoor. The rich heritage and historical background of Devon County has often been the setting for the novels of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle.

Since the downturn of agricultural interests in Devon during the latter 20th century, the local economy has invested in less geographical sensitive commercial endeavours like financial services and tourism. New construction is on the rise. Tourism has boomed with off-road and seacoast touring. These financial interests need a steady supply of red diesel fuel to meet their off-road and heating demands.

Red dye is added to diesel fuel to make it visibly identifiable for the red diesel fuel suppliers and users. Red diesel fuel is primarily a home heating fuel designated for pumping into above ground storage tanks and is taxed at a lesser rate than automotive diesel fuel, aka white diesel fuel.

Red diesel fuel is also an acceptable fuel for off-road vehicles and implements for construction, commercial, industry, and farming vehicles/tractors. The tax charged on red diesel fuel is lower than the tax levied on white diesel fuel. Inspection, with reasonable cause, of a vehicle fuel tank or fuel storage tank may be conducted to verify the presence of red diesel fuel, which is not to be used for on-road vehicles, but is allowed for off-road commercial use such as touring transportation.

Other areas that we supply red diesel to include:

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