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Crown Oil

Red Diesel Fuel Supplier in Essex

Looking for a Local Red Diesel Supplier in Essex and across the South East? Every day, Crown Oil are relied on to deliver fuels, oils & lubricants across the UK. Book your delivery today by calling 0330 123 1444

Crown Oil

Are you looking for a reliable red diesel delivery in Essex?

If you need red diesel delivered to you anywhere in Essex and its surrounding areas, Crown Oil can supply your business with a range of fuels, oils and lubricants within 24-48 hours…

Crown Oil is one of the UK’s leading red diesel suppliers covering the Essex area. We are specialists in nationwide gas oil fuel deliveries.

As fuel oil suppliers in the UK for over 70 years, we have built up an unrivalled experience in the fuel industry and we understand our customers better than anyone else.

We know how important punctual fuel deliveries can be, that’s why we guarantee to deliver your red diesel and heating oil at an agreed date and time, most convenient for you.

Our fuel tankers deliver red diesel to:

  • Rail transport
  • Community amateur sports clubs and golf courses
  • Sailing, boating and marine transport (excluding private pleasure craft in Northern Ireland)
  • Travelling fairs and circuses
  • Fuel used for non-commercial purposes – electricity generation and heating
  • Agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry

If you need to order red diesel or would like to speak to one of our red diesel experts, call us today on 0330 123 1444.

Red diesel suppliers to businesses across Essex

Essex rests just outside of London, giving it easy access to London and reachable from most areas across the Southeast of England. This allows us to supply and deliver red diesel to both Essex and other surrounding areas with relative ease.

Red diesel fuel is a fuel that is used to power vehicles and machinery which aren’t used on public roads. A red dye is added to the fuel, hence it being known to many as red diesel.

The fuel is dyed so that law enforcement can decipher between the diesel fuel designated for use in vehicles used on public highways and the fuel used for vehicles which are used off-road. This version of diesel carries a much lower fuel tax duty than the white diesel fuel bought from fuel pumps.

Red diesel fuel cannot be used in vehicles that are expected to be used on public highways, instead to stay on the right side of the law. We would always advise you only use White Diesel (DERV) in these situations.

Call our red diesel experts today on 0330 123 1444 to order your red diesel today.

We can supply a whole range of fuels, oils and lubricants

No matter where you are located in Essex or its surrounding areas, our fleet will deliver our fuels to you when you need them, whether that’s 205-litre barrels or 36,000-litre tankers, our fleet will get your fuel to you.

Choose Crown Oil to supply you with:

And much more…

Our fuel services also include:

Call our red diesel fuel experts today on 0330 123 1444 for a quote or to order your red diesel today.

Essex and surrounding areas that we also supply red diesel to include:

With Crown Oil, you can be sure you’re choosing a fuel supplier with proven experience, reliability and capacity to meet your fuel and oil requirements.

For your fuel, oil and lubricant requirements in Essex, the South East and across the rest of England, contact our red diesel experts today on 0330 123 1444 today or fill in the form on this page for a quote with our latest fuel prices.

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