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Crown Oil is fuels and lubricants supplier throughout the United Kingdom. Our head offices are based in Lancashire, which enables us to deliver red diesel (gas oil) quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices.

As experienced red diesel suppliers in Lancashire, we can also offer a variety of fuel services including 24/7 emergency fuel deliveries, fuel management and contract retention – guaranteeing you a fuel delivery in case of an emergency.

Some of the fuels we supply include red diesel, diesel (derv), kerosene and heating oil to customers in the public and private sectors. Some of these include:

  • Building Sites (Construction)
  • Factories (Industrial)
  • Farms (Agricultural)
  • Hospitals (Health)
  • Schools and Colleges (Education)

With Crown Oil you can buy red diesel in bulk volume or by the barrel (205-litres) by calling us on 0845 313 0845.

We will always try to arrange a delivery at a date and time which is most convenient for you. For supplies of red diesel, Lancashire is an area we know well and one where we can offer you the quickest deliveries and cheapest prices.

Supplying Red Diesel Across Lancashire

Lancashire is situated roughly 210km north from London and although some may say it’s grim up North, Lancastrians love their County and their roots. This place is also famous for its rugby league, cricket and football. The entire population of Lancashire include around 64% Christians, 10% Muslims, 15.4% No Religion and remaining 10.6% miscellaneous. The majority of towns that make up Lancashire contain a wonderful mix of people and cultures, and they’re proud to be multicultural.

In the UK, red diesel is also known as gas oil. Red diesel in Lancashire is used in all kinds of construction and agricultural vehicles such as bulldozers, cranes, and tractors. Red diesel (gas oil) is basically diesel fuel with a red dye added to it. They do this to create a fuel which is low in tax and used under certain laws.

The process of colouring the fuel involves mixing a liquid red marker dye which contains various chemicals. Since this is low taxed fuel it is not allowed to be used to fuel vehicles which use the public highways and those which would normally rely on road diesel (derv).

Why Do We Have Diesel That’s Coloured Red

It is considered that mixing a liquid colour into a liquid fuel is far more simple than mixing a powdered color into it. Dyeing fuel with colour is essential according to the law in many countries. The reason behind colouring the fuel is that while crossing customs or excise it can be easily identified as of what type of tax should be charged against it.

Normally, red diesel is either low taxed or it is absolutely non-taxed which makes it quite cheaper to import or export. Lancashire gave birth to the police force and it’s them who’ll be knocking at the door of anybody caught using this red fuel illegally.

Obtaining a reliable red diesel supplier in Lancashire can be difficult but not with Crown Oil. Among the few trusted fuels and lubricants suppliers in the UK Crown Oil is considered as the most efficient.

We can provide red diesel anywhere around the area as well as covering the UK, nationwide. We can deliver gas oil to any place in the UK, anytime. So give us a call today on 0845 313 0845.

Other areas where we supply red diesel:

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