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If you live in Leeds and you need a red diesel delivery, you’ve come to the right place.

Crown Oil distribute red diesel throughout Leeds and we guarantee to deliver your gas oil on-time, every time!

Our reliability with fuel deliveries and customer service have made us one of the leading red diesel suppliers not only in Leeds but, in the United Kingdom with depots positioned all over the country for a complete nationwide coverage.

You can buy red diesel in bulk quantities or by the barrel and we can deliver your fuel on the same day or next day if you need it in an emergency. We have customers in every business sector, from big blue chip companies to small independent firms, farmers, and even the public sector.

To take advantage of our competitive prices and reliable deliveries, call Crown Oil Now on 0845 313 0845 or fill in our online quote form on this page. Our friendly staff are always here to help.

Red Diesel Suppliers Leeds

Not many people know the similarities and differences that exist between automotive diesel fuel for road use and red diesel. Although, there are some slight chemical differences between them, due to the marker dye, and the colour and price, these differences are not as important as the legalities involved in their consumption with respect to users.

Red diesel is also known as gas oil for construction and farming, but it is also known as heating oil by name and in function. It is less expensive than road diesel (derv) although they are chemically similar. Additional red dye is included in gas oil for easy recognition by HMRC when dip testing. Red diesel is taxed differently compared to road diesel and it is a lot cheaper. As a result of the similarity between automotive diesel and gas oil, law enforcement agencies know that consumers may want to use the latter in place of the former as fuel for their cars in order to save money. To dissuade this act and easily apprehend offenders, the red marker dye is added to the fuel.

One can find red-dyed fuel to buy wherever heating oil is used to heat homes. Tanker trucks are used to move the oil to individual residents by heating oil vendors. The oil is used by oil furnaces after it has been pumped into heating oil storage containers.

Red diesel can also be put to commercial uses. Construction companies’ bulldozers, diesel generators, bobcats, cranes, backhoes and other off-road diesel engines use red diesel. Farmers are some of the few people that are permitted to use this low-cost diesel called red diesel to power machines in their fields like tractors and harvesters.

The government through its Department of Transport has confirmed that during extreme weather, farmers in Leeds as well as other parts of country, can use red diesel in their tractors to help clear and grit snow from public roads.

Getting red diesel in Leeds is not difficult to come by. Diesel suppliers are available in most parts of Leeds, particularly, Morley, Otley and Garforth.

Other areas near Leeds where we supply red diesel include:

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