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Looking for red diesel in Luton?

Crown Oil supplies red diesel, DERV diesel, heating oil, kerosene and lubricants and more to customers all around Luton. If you are looking for a reliable red diesel supplier, call Crown Oil. We have over 70 years of experience in the fuel industry.

Our complete range of fuels and lubricants include: red diesel, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, carbon offset red diesel and CHP Biofuel.

Customers that choose Crown oil range from the public and private sector across the country – from huge blue chip companies to small farmers.

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Red diesel in Luton

Red diesel is similar to diesel in many ways except for its cost and its chemical composition. Generally, red diesel is cheaper than the regular diesel and they can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Red diesel is usually used in residential homes as heating oil, where it is pumped into large storage tanks where it is later used by oil furnaces. The commercial use of red diesel is much more extensive. Many construction and agricultural companies use them as a fuel for vehicles that are off the public road such as tractors, bulldozers, harvesters and cranes. One of the best place to get your supply of red diesel is Luton.

A little background about the town. Luton is located in Bedfordshire and it is situated about 30 miles north of London. This little town is the home to the magnificent Luton Town Football Club, the huge London Luton Airport and the University of Bedfordshire. The legendary Vauxhall Motors factory began its operation here and till this day, the commercial vehicle production line is still running. This gives birth to the red diesel Luton industry as many suppliers line up to meet the diesel demand of both residential and commercial users.

Why should you buy from red diesel suppliers in Luton? Simple, they provide fast and efficient service and their red diesel is among the best in the industry. Since most of them are family-owned businesses, you can expect prompt reliable service and emergency deliveries whenever the need arises. Most suppliers offer flexible payment plans and they accept multiple methods of payment. You can never go wrong with your decision to stick with red diesel suppliers in Luton.

Other areas where we supply red diesel:

Milton Keynes
St Albans

For your fuel, oil and lubricant requirements in Luton and across the East of England and beyond, contact the Crown Oil team today on 0845 313 0845 today or fill in the form on this page for a quote with our latest fuel prices.

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