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Red Diesel Fuel Suppliers in Newcastle

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If you are based in Newcastle and you need red diesel or any other fuel delivered, Crown Oil can help you.

We are red diesel suppliers in Newcastle and also one of the leading nationwide fuel suppliers. We can arrange a fast delivery to any required location. Our guarantee is we won’t be beaten on service.

Red diesel is used to run machinery as well as for heating. We also supply derv, kerosene and heating oil, as well as fuel oil related products such as spill kits, barrels, etc.

We supply some of the biggest companies in the UK for several years now. Call Crown Oil now on 0845 313 0845.

Red Diesel Suppliers in Newcastle

Newcastle is considered to some as the jewel of the North and is not just famous for a brand of brown ale. Newcastle was the birthplace of the singer Sting and also of Gregg’s the bakers founder John Gregg among many other famous and also infamous people. Newcastle boasts some amazing inner city recreation grounds and parks and is located within the breathtaking scenery of Northumbria. This old roman fortification city is subject to the bitterly cold and hostile temperatures of many of the Baltic states as the prevailing winds force over bitter weather conditions.

Using gas or electricity to heat a home or commercial premises can be very costly especially during winter. Red diesel used as a heating fuel for the home can greatly reduce the amount spent on heating. Cheap red diesel Newcastle offers a unique opportunity for any property owner to save a small fortune in heating costs. Red diesel is free from the high government taxes which are levied on normal engine diesel and is the perfect fuel to heat homes through the entire area. Red diesel is stored outside the home and is automatically pumped into the home as required.

The low maintenance red diesel heating system is an affordable and easily installed system which produces ample heat 24 hours a day. Red diesel suppliers Newcastle can deliver large and small amounts of red diesel on a day and at a time which is more suited for the client. Suppliers of red diesel Newcastle are reliable and can offer an insight into using red diesel as an alternative heating solution for all commercial and residential buildings. Many schools and government buildings also take advantage of this extremely cheap heating fuel throughout the country.

Other areas that we supply red diesel to include:

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