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Boomerang Special Needs Sessions a Huge Success

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This summer, Boomerang Centre, one of the largest multi-sensory centres in the north-west, ran several free exclusive sessions with the help of funding from Crown Oil.

Boomerang Manager, Emma Birkett said: “Your kind donation allowed us to offer free play sessions to over 125 families, giving them the experience of play in a safe, fun fully inclusive environment.”

Boomerang Center Boomerang Center

Disabled children and their families are up against significant daily barriers and experience high levels of social exclusion, so giving these children the opportunity to take part in free sessions at Boomerang centre with free food included has been hugely beneficial.

A parent who attended the session said: “My 8-year-old son has severe autism and challenging behaviour. Boomerang is the only place that I can take him where he can be himself and we are not judged, tutted at or stared at by other parents who do not understand what autism is and how it affects him.”

Boomerang Center Boomerang Center

A further parent added: “A huge thank you to Boomerang for helping make our summer holidays bearable! It is always a challenge particularly over the summer to find accessible places to take my daughter Millie. Millie is 12 years old, has cerebral palsy, severe epilepsy and is a wheelchair user.

“Boomerang is the only place in Greater Manchester that has a hoist allowing Millie to access the play equipment. The staff are always kind, helpful and understanding which makes a huge difference to our experience. A big thumbs up to Boomerang.”

We’re so glad everyone enjoyed the sessions and we can’t wait to get involved with more events at Boomerang!

For anyone who hasn’t given Boomerang centre a try yet, we highly recommend. The centre enables children to play freely in a safe and stimulating environment. Simply visit their website or give them a call on 0161 764 4842 to find out more.

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