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Crown Oil Help Fuel Charity Run For Children In Need

A couple of months back, we received a nice email from a guy named Dan who wrote to us about a fantastic idea that he had for the Children In Need charity. Here at Crown Oil, we love charities and even more so when it helps children, so when he asked us if we could help him and his team, we couldn’t resist.

The idea was to visit 92 football grounds in just 92 hours and all being well, once him and the lads had a vehicle they’d require diesel fuel to get them from one football ground to the next. As a nationwide fuel supplier, we understand the cost of getting up and down the country so with a great cause, idea and bunch of lads in mind we obviously said yes!

So, with a Transporter vehicle sorted from Next Car & Van Rental, clothing from Leisure Print and few full tanks of diesel sorted they embarked from Wolverhampton! On their journey they eventually visited 93 football grounds in 85 hours which is the quickest time anybody has done this. Below is a few images from their Facebook Page showing a few of the football grounds they visited! Go to their page for all the images from all of the grounds!!

On their journey they covered some major ground going as far north as Carlisle as well as visiting local clubs Bury FC, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester United and Rochdale AFC where we are a shirt sponsor!

They were also supported by a few famous names including footballers and radio DJs and news presenters from BBC York Radio, BBC News and national newspapers and more! One big name was Chris Evans!

Crown Oil would like to say congratulations to the lads and a massive well done all in the name of a good cause! They’ve raised a whopping £3,100 so far!!!

If you want to help support them then please visit their just giving page and donate what you can!

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