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Defibrillator Proudly Donated to Local School in Bury

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At Crown Oil, we are always looking at ways to give back to our local community. So, when we decided to order a number of lifesaving devices called defibrillators for our premises it only seemed right to donate one of them to local school Heap Bridge, a small village primary school on the outskirts of Heywood and Bury.

Defibrillator Training - Crown Oil - Image courtesy of SJA St John's Ambulance - Defib training session at Crown Oil

We held a defibrillator training session with thanks to St John Ambulance who helped train 30 Crown Oil staff members to use this fantastic piece of equipment as well as 3 teachers from the school.

Why are Defibrillators important for saving lives?

If somebody suffered a cardiac arrest their chance of survival decreases by the minute. If treated with a defibrillator, that same person’s chance of surviving is increased to around 70%.

Below are videos from the St John Ambulance and British Heart Foundation explaining more about what a defibrillator is and how to use one…

Learn more about defibrillators on the St John Ambulance website.


Learn more about defibrillators on the British Heart Foundation website.

Defibrillator training at Crown Oil Defibrillator Donation Heap Bridge Village Primary School

A defibrillator can mean the difference between life and death for many individuals and although we hope these never need to be used, having one around the school will hopefully boost the confidence of everybody who attends.

After the training session sales director Mark Andrews presented the device to the attendees from the school.

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