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Crown Oil’s Community Work

We're continuously seeking new ways to be a force for positive change and are amplifying our efforts to give back to our local community. Learn more below.

Crown Oil

Supporting our local area

At Crown Oil, we’re passionate about doing the right thing for our colleagues, our customers, our partners and the planet. We’re taking a collaborative approach with our stakeholders to ensure we fuel positive change through creating happier and healthier communities.

In line with our ongoing commitment to improving our sustainability efforts, we’re continuously seeking new ways to be a force for positive change and are amplifying our efforts to give back to our local community.

Staff volunteering days

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve launched a corporate staff volunteering programme to provide our colleagues the opportunity to develop new skills while giving back to society and working on issues they feel passionate about.

Litter picking with Rochdale Council

We kicked off our give back days this year by litter picking with Rochdale Council.

Members from across the Crown Oil Group litter picked at a local park to help improve the cleanliness of the local environment and safety of the local community!

Defibrillators for the Hollins Village Community Centre!

We donated £1300 to the Hollins Village Community Centre to help them purchase defibrillators from the Community Heartbeat Trust!

We volunteered at the Age UK Jubilee Centre in Bury

Our volunteers offered much-needed support and company for the elderly at the Age UK Jubilee Centre.

The team got involved in running a bingo quiz while chatting with the members and preparing food in the kitchen. We’re incredibly proud of our volunteers that have made a huge difference to the lives of the elderly that benefit from the centre’s services.

We climbed Scafell Pike in support of BOSP

We’re proud to have climbed Scafell Pike to help raise money for BOSP (Brighter Opportunities for Special People).

BOSP are a charity based in the South West that provide fun and care for children and young people with complex disabilities or life-limiting conditions. We had 20 volunteers that made the climb and they raised a whopping £1230 for the charity!

We’ve also given monetary donations to a wide range of local causes, charities, events and local sports teams, including:

  • Jamie Hay UFC fighter
  • Glaston-Bury
  • ADS 1928 Racing
  • Heirforce Cheerleading
  • WIgan Athletic Ladies
  • Alder Hay
  • Cheetham Hill Football Club
  • A B Sundek’s Ltd Gill’s Customer Charity
  • Restoring Hope
  • Parkinson’s Walk
  • Cardiac Risk in the Young
  • Gemma’s Hero Arm Prosthetic

Supporting local schools

Crown Oil is passionate about providing support to local schools. We donated a defibrillator to Heap Bridge school and provided the funds to build them a summer house for the children to play in.

We also donated headphones to Our Lady and St Paul’s RC Primary School for the children’s online learning during lockdown and paid for them to go to the theatre at Christmas, something that would have been otherwise not possible.

Supporting businesses in their decarbonisation journey

Times are changing for the oil industry and we’re passionate
about leading that change while supporting our customers
and colleagues to make lower carbon choices.

We have a dedicated team of fuel experts who are supporting our customers in their transition to lower emission fuels.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil

We took a risk and imported HVO into the UK market and are now one of the largest distributors.

HVO is a drop-in diesel alternative that is key in helping fuel dependent businesses reduce their environmental impact. We are currently lobbying with the Government to press for the necessary changes for HVO to be viewed as a viable stopgap to help the UK achieve its net zero target.

Discover HVO >>

Carbon offset fuels

Crown Oil also supplies a range of carbon offset fuels, helping our customers to compensate for their climate impact. All offsets are sourced through a third party and support a range of projects across the globe which support the UN SDGs and are Gold Standard/VCS standard as a minimum.

Learn more >>

HVO-fuelled, carbon neutral deliveries

We believe in HVO to the point that in June 2021 we became the first in the country to switch our entire fleet to the 100% renewable diesel with any remaining emissions continuing to be offset.

This industry-first move is helping to promote a low-carbon economy in the community and has been a key driver in us chieving carbon neutral status in accordance with PAS 2060:2014 in April 2022.

Using Crown Group vehicles for fuel deliveries reduces our scope 1 emissions by up to 90% compared to using diesel. This helps businesses to reduce their scope 3 emissions from the supply chain by the same amount compared to using suppliers which run their fleet on conventional fuels. The remaining 10% of emissions from customer deliveries are offset voluntarily by Crown Oil as emissions cannot be reduced to 0 with the technology currently available. This move is currently not being adopted by any other fuel supplier in the UK.

What else is Crown Oil doing?

In last 12 months, we’ve put additional measures in place to reduce the carbon released from our operations and are addressing key areas of energy, resources, mobility and the built environment through:

  • Installing electric charge points for staff
  • Switching to recycled/biodegradable stationary
  • Installing user-friendly heating controls and additional insulation
  • Installing motion-sensor lights
  • Generating less waste through recycling all old IT equipment and customers’ barrels
  • Staff litter picking days
  • Car share portal for staff and walk/cycle to work days

We’ve also invested in a new site to provide additional space for our expanding sustainable fuels operation, allowing us to serve a greater number of customers while carrying out R&D into alternative products.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve installed a heat recovery system in our offices which cost £100k to ensure clean filtered air is brought into the offices to improve staff health.

At Crown Oil, we’re always looking for ways to give back to our local community. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got an opportunity that we can get involved with. Call 0330 123 1444 to find out more.

tonnes of net CO2 reduced across our transport fleet from using HVO

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