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How to make money from your fuel

You may have more money in your pocket than you realise. You might not have access to it yet, but we assure you, if you take good care of your fuel, it will be there… be patient. As things change, … Read more

Fuel Contamination, What’s The Risk?

If you rely solely on fuel to run your business, it’s evident how important it is to make yourself aware of the risks and types of fuel contamination. Fuel contamination refers to bacterial microbes and water that find home in … Read more

Engaged employees mean a happy workplace

Your employees are dragging their heels through the door. They’re habitually on the minutes. And they’re non-stop moaning about the week going slow. Well, you may in fact have yourself to blame. Because unengaged employees mean an underwhelmed and undervalued … Read more

Hosepipe ban called off

The hosepipe ban due to come into force in the North West has been cancelled by the water company United Utilities. In a statement, the company said: “Recent rainfall and a reduction in customers’ water usage, combined with the measures being … Read more

The Wonder Wall – Blooming With Success

This summer, volunteers from across the borough have joined forces to transform the haggard structure on Sandy Lane into what is once again, a remarkable “Wonder Wall” at our Crown Oil Arena in Rochdale. Gordon Riggs Garden Centre and Crown … Read more