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Comprehensive Guide to Red Diesel

Whether you have or haven’t heard of red diesel before, our guess is that you will always have questions regarding its usage, purpose or legality. Red Diesel (the marking of rebated Gas Oil) has been around since 1961 and although … Read more

What is Quarryflame?

Crown Quarryflame is the perfect fuel, specifically intended for use in open flame heat generation. Its typical applications include sand and aggregate drying within the quarrying industry as well as asphalt production plants.   Crown Quarryflame is a low viscosity, … Read more

Rochdale FC 2016/17 Kits – Sponsored by Crown Oil

Crown Oil are proud to announce we will be continuing as jersey sponsors for Rochdale FC for the 2016/17 season. Their new home and away kits which are shown here, are modelled by team members Oliver Lancashire and Calvin Andrew, scoring … Read more

The Benefits of Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

There are many different benefits to using Industrial Heating Oil (IHO). Here at Crown Oil, we have put together a handy infographic to highlight just a few of its features and benefits. We blend IHO at our own premises, manufacturing and … Read more

Buy Diesel For Your Sherp ATV

Let’s be honest, buying diesel fuel isn’t the most exciting thing you’ll probably do with your life. Unless, you have one of these that is; a Russian-made Sherp ATV! Crown Oil take a look at what it is, what it … Read more

Tips to Help Prevent Red Diesel Theft

Minimising The Risk of Being a Victim of Red Diesel Theft In today’s blog we take a look at preventing red diesel theft and minimising the chances of being a victim of gas oil crime. Last week, thieves stole up … Read more

The winner of our winter heating oil competition is

Winter Heating Oil Competition Winner! And, the winner of our home heating oil competition is… Alex Parker from Doncaster, UK! Here’s a huge well done and congratulations to Alex! From everybody here at Crown Oil, we certainly hope this comes … Read more

Red Diesel, Diesel & Farm Machinery Theft

Recent Diesel Theft Is A Harsh Reminder To Remain Alert! Red diesel and diesel fuel is the lifeline of many agricultural businesses in the UK. They power the tools and machinery which are needed daily. Keeping them safe should be … Read more