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A picture says a thousand words!

After our fantastic day out watching The Dale, not only did they gift us and the fans to a 3-0 victory over mid-table Barnsley, but we were also kindly presented with a team picture and a matchday programme too! The … Read more

Crown Oil’s show some support feature

At Crown Oil, we love to show some support where we can and we’re incredibly lucky to sponsor some very hardworking local teams and individuals. This weekend is bank holiday so we’d like to wish you all a fantastic (long) … Read more

AdBlue Prices

For thousands of businesses across the UK, AdBlue is an added requirement when running heavy vehicles which use diesel fuel. The extra cost of this diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) can seem tricky to calculate. We try to uncover the cost … Read more

Our Mauricio’s Brave Effort For C-hair-ity

Here at Crown Oil, we have lots of fantastic people working for us. Some of our employees go the extra mile for charity and our newest charity supporter is Mauricio. Now I’ve never had long beautiful locks myself and admire … Read more