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At Crown Oil, we pride ourselves on delivering commercial fuels; diesel (derv), tractor diesel and biodiesel on-time and within budget. Since 1947, we’ve grown from a local supplier in the North to one of the largest commercial fuel suppliers in the UK. We believe our attention to detail regarding customer care and service keeps our customers returning and our reliable and prompt fuel deliveries ensure your business operations never come to halt because of a lack of fuel.

bulk diesel prices

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Looking For Bulk Diesel Prices?

In the UK, diesel prices jump up and down from one week to another and keeping up to date with them can sometimes feel like a job in itself. At Crown Oil, our prices for derv, red diesel and biodiesel remain competitive because of our bulk buying power which means you’ll always find the best value for money when you purchase diesel from us.

We’ve been around for many years and over time, we’ve finely tuned our business processes to not only supply diesel at great prices, but we also understand the importance of good fuel management. That’s why we now offer a fuel management service with all fuels we supply including diesel. It allows us to monitor your diesel usage and keep you topped up so you a) never run out of diesel and b) always get the best diesel prices.

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Bulk Diesel Prices

The cost of diesel is even lower when you buy it in bulk. Bulk orders of 1000 – 36,500+ litres of diesel fuel are possible at Crown Oil. We have a range of oil tankers which can access various premises nationwide and our strategic placement of oil depots means that bulk orders can be made 24/7 with same day deliveries available too! Perfect for when you’re in an emergency.

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