Are you looking to buy drums of diesel?

Whether you are looking to buy drums of diesel, kerosene, heating oil or lubricants, we can supply you with the right fuel barrels for your requirements. You can order 205 litres drums of diesel which we can deliver directly to your site. Give our fuels team a call on 0845 313 0845 to make all the necessary arrangements.

Drums of Diesel and Other Fuels!

You can get 205-litre drums of diesel and other fuels for oil storage. These oil drums are used by many industries including agricultural, construction, commercial, industrial and more. We deliver to you typically within 48 hours and can also offer our business customers emergency deliveries as an additional service to our standard fuel delivery, whenever needed.

drums of dieselYou can order individual 205-litre barrels of diesel or multiple pallets of diesel, for all your fuel needs. Our drum range lets you store many types of fuels and lubricants such as:

  • Red Diesel (gas oil)
  • Diesel (derv)
  • Heating Oil (Kerosene)
  • Lubricants, greases and fluids


Our drums of diesel and other fuels comply with oil storage regulations for businesses which stipulate how oil is to be stored. The barrels which we manufacture are made from welded mild steel and are designed to sit on drip trays. This helps to protect them from any oil spillages and ensures the barrel does not come into any contact with the ground.

In addition to our oil barrels / drums of diesel and additional fuels, we also offer a wide range of pumps and other related ancillary products including barrel pumps, plastic or steel tanks, flow meters and more.

If you are ready to place an order or need some advice on which type of barrel you need, call our fuels team on 0845 313 0845 for friendly, helpful advice or assistance. We will aim to meet your needs as best possible.