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Emergency Heating Oil

Crown Oil offers a fast emergency heating oil delivery service for businesses to ensure heating oil is supplied directly to your site within just a few hours.

Crown Oil

Emergency Heating Oil Deliveries 24/7

For a 24-hour emergency heating oil delivery to your business located anywhere in the UK, call us now on 0330 123 1444.

Nobody wants to be in a heating oil emergency but unfortunately for many fuel oil users, there comes a time when a delivery is needed urgently.  When these emergencies occur, you can’t compromise the reliability of your fuel oil supplier. You need a company that delivers on its promise.

Crown Oil is proud to offer an emergency heating oil delivery service to avoid you being left out in the cold. Running out of heating oil will not only disrupt your business, but it can also result in boiler issues which will cost you money and time.

For the most reliable emergency heating oil supplier in the UK, look no further than Crown Oil. If you need heating oil urgently, call us straight away on 0330 123 1444 and we’ll deliver your fuel oil within hours.

Fuel Delivery Tanker
Emergency Fuel Delivery Tanker

Heating oil delivered when your business needs it

If your site has been caught out with no fuel for your heating, Crown Oil can provide an emergency response to your site in just a few short hours, whether it’s to fill up your fuel storage tank, or just enough to keep you going until your scheduled delivery arrives.

Crown Oil can provide you with 500-litres – 36,000-litres of: 

Why choose Crown Oil for emergency fuel oil deliveries?

At Crown Oil, you’ll benefit from our heritage and first-class knowledge in the industry. With over 70 years’ experience supplying fuel and lubricants to customers all over the UK, we have become the number 1 choice for a reliable and friendly service you can count on. But it doesn’t just stop there.

For when you’re in an emergency, we provide round-the-clock heating oil deliveries to ensure you never have to wait long for an oil supply. We can have you topped up in no time, for exactly when you need it.

Get in touch today to experience some of our many benefits:

  • Full nationwide coverage
  • 24-hour phone-lines to allow emergency fuel deliveries
  • Competitive heating oil prices
  • Home heating oil & industrial heating oil
  • Same day & next day delivery options
  • Family-run business offering a personalised service

For a 24-hour emergency heating oil delivery, call us now on 0330 123 1444.

The consequences of running low or out of heating oil

If you leave your heating oil tank dangerously low, you not only risk unplanned downtime, but you also risk the fuel filter becoming clogged from sludge that has built up over time.

Boilers can also fail to ignite once the tank has been topped up. This is due to airlock which occurs when air is drawn with oil through pipes from low levels of fuel. If this occurs, the boiler can be bled but it can be a lengthy and messy task.

To prevent the above issues from happening, we recommend always keeping your tank topped up, particularly during the cold months. 

How to avoid running out of heating oil

Heating oil consumption dramatically increases during the cold months so it’s important to know how much fuel your business is using. To avoid heaving to rely on emergency heating oil deliveries, follow these tips:

  • Order in advance – ordering during the warmer months will not only help you save money on your deliveries (when demand is low) but it will guarantee that your tank is topped up in plenty of time
  • Invest in tank telemetry – through the installation of sensors, our tank telemetry service will monitor your fuel usage and alert you when it drops below a certain level·      
  • Choose Crown Oil as your fuel supplier – when you sign up, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will help you manage your heating oil usage, helping you to keep your tank topped up

For a 24-hour emergency heating oil delivery in the UK, call us now on 0330 123 1444.

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