Human activity is threatening the health of the environment and jeopardising our future. At Crown Oil, we realise that climate change is a serious problem that affects us all. Therefore, we are truly committed to implementing solutions to global challenges.

We recognise that our own operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environments due to the nature of our business. As a consequence, we continuously improve our own environmental performances and decrease our carbon footprint.

Our directors and managers participated in defining our environmental action plan by setting realistic objectives and targets.

Our first aim is to incorporate the following features, which focus on our direct emissions, reducing our carbon footprint:

  • using energy saving light bulbs and energy efficient equipment
  • using electronic communications to reduce paper consumption (e.g. online billing, e-mail, e-statements, direct debit, etc.)
  • allowing staff to work from home avoiding the need to travel and to heat and light offices
  • using public transport when possible
  • using teleconferencing facilities when possible to avoid the need to travel to meetings
  • using recycled paper
  • minimising the amount of waste through reduction, recovery and recycling
  • recycling waste paper, print cartridges, electronic equipment and kitchen waste to eliminate methane production in a landfill
  • regularly servicing and maintaining all of our tankers and company cars to ensure fuel efficiency
  • encouraging our clients to purchase in bulk with neighbours to save fuel on delivery and decrease CO2 emissions
  • training all employees on environmental issues to ensure full participation

Although all sensible CO2 reduction steps are taken, it is impossible for us (and most other people and businesses) to completely eliminate our carbon footprint.
Therefore, our second aim is to develop an offset strategy by purchasing high-quality offset credits for those CO2 emissions we cannot reduce. The intention of these credits is to reduce emissions somewhere else in the world by investing in projects or technologies that actively help to reduce global CO2 levels.

Oil and gas will continue to provide a relevant share of the world’s energy needs in this century; therefore, we recognise the challenge of meeting future energy demand and the importance of stimulating climate change issues.
As an independent fuel distributor, we believe action is required to stabilise greenhouse gas emissions in an equitable and responsible way.
As a corporate responsible company, we are taking immediate action and encouraging others to act.

To save fuel on delivery and decrease CO2 emissions, buy in bulk or with a neighbour, and the more you buy, the more money you save.

Please remember, Crown Oil as one organisation cannot achieve sustainable development alone, we must all contribute together towards making a difference and achieving environmental sustainability. Read our energy saving tips to see what you can do today.

Spread the green message and recommend a friend or neighbour to Crown Oil. By ordering in bulk, you will help us drive down our mileage and we will also be able to offer you a better price.

If you would like info on our other environmental services, then please visit Crown Oil Environmental