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Buying Fuel from Crown Oil – Your Questions Answered

Find answers to many of the frequently asked questions about buying fuels from Crown Oil. You can also learn more by calling our team 0330 123 1444

Crown Oil

A Guide on How We Keep Your Business or Home Fuelled

Many of our business customers buy fuel from us simply because we’re competitively priced. Some choose to buy from us due to our unrivalled service.

Others purchase our fuels, oils and lubricants because of our guaranteed deliveries. That’s where our priority contracts and emergency fuel deliveries give you 100% peace of mind.

For so many businesses, ongoing access to a reliable and flexible source of high-quality fuel is essential. Obtaining a service of this kind in different parts of the UK has proved elusive for many businesses up until now.

As a successful supplier of fuels and lubricants to UK businesses and homes, we are better placed to answer any questions you may have about the buying process of your required fuel. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve put together some of the common questions we get asked by our customers so you can have better clarity of what is involved.

To find out more, get in touch on 0330 123 1444 or carry on reading!

Which fuels and oils can I order?

White diesel (DERV), red diesel (gas oil), kerosene heating oil, industrial heating oil (IHO), biodiesel and lubricants to name but a few. We can also create customised blends of lubricant depending on your requirements, all designed to help keep your operations running smoothly.

Are all fuel suppliers not the same?

Simply put, no. Even where other suppliers sell similar premium quality fuel, what sets us apart, is the unrivalled level of service you receive from Crown Oil, which is all in a day’s work.

Whether you’re a foreman that has a tight deadline, a farmer with a crop to get in before the cold weather sets in or a boat owner that needs to leave port urgently, our clients know that whatever their circumstances, they can rely on us 100%, with our same day/next day guaranteed delivery service.

You say you’re the cheapest red diesel provider, however, this isn’t always the case?

We always aim to offer the most competitive prices and do everything in our power to get you the best price on the market.
We may not be the cheapest on the day, but we are the most cost-effective company when you consider missed deadlines, downtime, opportunity costs and all of the other issues associated with receiving your red diesel delivery later than anticipated from other suppliers (or never in some instances!).

All of our deliveries aim to be with you within 24 – 48-hours and if you need your fuel more urgently, we can also provide you with a same day emergency delivery service to make sure you never have to experience the hefty costs of prolonged downtime to your business’s operations.

Our 24/7 emergency delivery service isn’t just Monday-Friday or outside of public holidays. This is a full commitment to ensure all of our customers, old and new alike have access to the fuels and oils they need when they need them. Whether it’s 5 pm on a weekday afternoon, or 5 am on Christmas Day morning! We will do all that we can to ensure your vital delivery of fuels and oils are with you in a matter of hours, not days!

So if your business relies on red diesel or any of the other fuels, oils and lubricants we supply and you need an urgent delivery, call Crown Oil today on 0330 123 1444. We don’t just supply oils – we supply a business lifeline!

Is it cheaper to buy a tank and order in bulk or purchase regular smaller deliveries?

If you have little storage space and only need small amounts of fuel infrequently, then our 205-litre oil drums are the perfect solution.

However, if you purchase fuel on a regular basis and you have access to a large oil storage tank onsite, we would recommend buying our fuels, oils or lubricants in bulk, as this will work out cheaper in the long run.

Can I get a guaranteed delivery time?

We aim to have all deliveries with you within 24 – 48-hours, however, if you are in a remote location and we are in a busy period, it may take a little longer for your fuel to get to you. Upon ordering your fuel, we can arrange a morning or afternoon slot with you, so you can make sure that somebody is available to receive the delivery.

If you need your fuel within a few hours or on the next day, you can take advantage of our emergency fuel delivery service. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Sunday evening or a bank holiday Monday, we specialise in supplying out of hours emergency fuel deliveries to ensure you never experience downtime. Our phones are manned 365 days a year, all day long, to give you ready access to a specialist and delivery all year round.

I’m based in a remote or hard to reach location, will you be able to get to me?

We are dedicated to delivering your fuel no matter where you’re located. When you call our team about arranging a delivery, make sure to let them know of any access restrictions that you’re aware of on the roads leading up to your premises. That way, we can send one of our smaller, baby tankers to navigate any hard-to-reach areas.

How long will your tanker be onsite?

That depends on how easily accessible the fuel tank is and how much fuel is being delivered.

Above all, our drivers are committed to providing a quick and efficient service, where we continually receive positive feedback from our customers on how friendly and professional our deliveries are.

How can I let the driver know of any specific delivery requests, such as who to call upon arrival, or which entrance to use?

When ordering your fuel, your account manager will ask you of any specifics to bear in mind when our drivers are making your delivery. They will log these on the system which then gets communicated to your allocated driver. We always welcome as much information as possible to make our deliveries as stress-free as possible.

What are the rules surrounding using red diesel in my tractor for gritting the roads?

Until recently, only purpose-built vehicles were permitted to use red diesel when gritting the roads, however, it was just not cost-effective for farmers to fill up their tractors with DERV to respond quickly to gritting needs.

Farmers are now able to grit roads using red diesel to enable them to keep access roads open to ensure the safety of local communities. It makes huge sense as their vehicles are most adequate and readily available for gritting purposes.

Can I put red diesel in a kerosene plastic tank?

As long as the tank is completely empty of kerosene and it has been cleaned, then there’s no issue with filling it with red diesel. You must never put red diesel into a tank that has any kerosene leftover in it as the consequences of mixing the fuels together can include thousands of pounds worth of damage due to equipment breaking and therefore downtime.

What is the difference between industrial heating oil (IHO) and red diesel?

As of the 1st of April 2022, red diesel is no longer permitted to be used as a commercial heating fuel. Our industrial heating oil (IHO) has been specifically designed for use in commercial boiler applications for heat generation such as in public buildings, schools, hotels, apartment blocks, grain dryers and hospitals.

As it’s a fully rebated product, it’s prohibited for use in both on and off-road vehicles or any other mobile or static engines and it must be for heating only.

Can I use the same diesel / red diesel all year round?

Diesel and red diesel (gas oil) differs in seasonal grade, meaning its fuel properties are adjusted seasonally to preserve good low-temperature performance and operability. Winter diesel can be used all year round because it’s more resistant to cold, but summer diesel can only be used during the warm months as it is less resistance to cold temperatures.

Here at Crown Oil, we adjust the spec of our diesel and red diesel accordingly, to ensure our customers never experience the problems of using the incorrect grade of gas oil, such as operational issues.

You could use winter fuel all year round but it is not cost effective. But remember, when the cold weather is embarking, to replace your summer fuel with winter. Don’t risk problems such as equipment failure and difficulty starting.

Learn more about the differences in the grade of summer and winter diesel in our guide.

My previous supplier let me down, how can I be sure you won’t do the same?

Our ultimate aim is to never let our customers down, which is why have over 75 years’ experience doing exactly that. We offer a free fuel management service that will monitor your fuel supplies and arrange deliveries accordingly to make sure you never run out of fuel again. That way, you can concentrate on the important areas of your business and leave the experts to your fuel orders. You will have an account manager who will take care of your fuel needs and provide top-ups when necessary.

I have fuel that I no longer need, can you help?

Absolutely, our sister company, Crown Oil Environmental, has been collecting oils and fuels that are no longer needed for over 30 years, to eradicate the risk of damage to the environment and the inconvenience of surplus oils. So long as you have at least 500 litres stored in your oil tanks, our team of engineers can uplift and remove a range of fuels and oils, all in line with current regulations. What’s more, we will always aim to recycle your waste fuels and if feasible, we will offer you a price for your surplus fuels that you no longer require.

I’ve seen that you offer a priority contract service, what does that involve?

For businesses that cannot afford to risk running low or even out of fuel, our priority contract service will enable you to truly remain at the top of our list when it comes to fuel deliveries.

By entering into an agreement with Crown Oil, we will guarantee delivery of fuel to your site, anywhere in the UK, within a set time-limited, regardless of the day, date or time. That way, you can have complete peace of mind that your business will have fast access to fuel should you face a temporary service or fuel delivery interruption.

What else can you offer my business?

  • We have over 75 years’ experience giving the customer what they want and when they want it. We can answer all of your questions about fuel, after all, we are the experts.
  • Same day/next day fuel delivery service is our flagship promise to you. We won’t let you down on this one.
  • True nationwide coverage. Again, the devil is in the detail. True nationwide coverage means exactly that.
  • Purchase fuel from 500-36,000+ litres as well as fuels, oils and lubricants by stored in our 205-litre barrels. Whatever the amount you require, we can accommodate your needs.
  • The longest payment terms available in the industry with various payment methods accepted. That way, you can keep your cash for longer, freeing it up for other issues.
  • Benefit from our huge buying power. Our prices are constantly being monitored to ensure they always remain competitive for our clients.
  • Real-time price information enabling you to make an informed decision on when to buy your fuel.

If you’re looking for a fuel company that you can rely on, get in touch with our fuels, oils and lubricants experts today on 0330 123 1444 to discuss your needs and requirements.

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