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Crown Oil

Fuel Supplier For Film & TV Production

Filming on-location, whether that be for TV or film production, requires a specialist team that’s reliable, non-disruptive, and most importantly, responsive to your on-set fuel needs. Call Crown Oil on 0330 123 1444 for a flexible, on-location fuel solution you can count on.

Crown Oil

Film & TV Production Set Fuel Supplies Across the UK

We understand the ever-changing pace of a film and TV production set and the demands of the industry. That’s why we provide an efficient and reactive service to cater for every aspect of your needs. When it comes to filming on-location, fuel is a huge expense within the industry, from running generators to moving facilities vehicles. At Crown Oil, we have over 75 years’ experience working with a diverse client range, including film studios and film production companies to handle a variety of projects, each with their own distinct requirements.

From urgent diesel deliveries for your location facilities or bunded fuel bowsers to transport across multiple filming sites, we have the tools and expertise to ensure that if there was an Oscar for best fuel supplier, we’d win it. So whether you’re producing a TV-commercial or your set is for this year’s blockbuster, you can trust Crown Oil with your on-location fuel supply requirements.

Film & TV Production Set Fuel Supplier

Fuel deliveries & uplifts for your production set available 24/7

From night and day fuel deliveries to equipment specifications, we work tirelessly to provide a fast and continuous solution to avoid any disruption to filming and ensure the smooth running of your production set.

Portable equipment hire available 24/7

Having a reliable backup and support is imperative in the success of your film production, which is why we’re always on hand to advise on fail-safe and contingency solutions.

Dedicated account management

Our team has what it takes to provide you with the best service in the industry. With one point of contact throughout, you’ll know who you’re dealing with at all times.

Lights, Camera, Carbon Reduction

Crown Oil is proud to provide sustainable power solutions for the events industry. Whether you’re looking to reduce up to 90% of your net CO2 emissions with HVO fuel or to offset your current fuel’s emissions, we can help your production company meet its environmental and corporate social responsibility targets. Not only this, but we’re the first UK fuel supplier to be certified carbon neutral. We’ve been proudly running our entire delivery fleet on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) since June 2021 which not only reduces our carbon footprint but our customers’ too.

Crown HVO is taking centre stage in reducing emissions

From lighting sets to heating offices, energy is invaluable for everyone at the studio. That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide a sustainable diesel alternative that’s significantly better for the environment.

Crown HVO fuel is a synthetic, drop-in diesel alternative that eliminates net CO2 and reduces NOx, PM and CO emissions. The clean-burning, high-quality fuel is helping the industry achieve true sustainability as it’s made from 100% renewable and sustainable materials.

HVO film tanker

Crown HVO fuel meets EN 15940 standards and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II and offers up to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. With zero sulphur and FAME content, HVO is a valuable means for the film and TV industry to meet their environmental and corporate social responsibility requirements.

  • Mobile bowser hire
  • Tank hire
  • Plastic tanks
  • Industrial & food-safe lubricants
  • Barrel drip trays
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Engine oils

For a reliable on-location fuel supplier with a fast turnaround to your set as well as 24/7 support, get in touch with Crown Oil today on 0330 123 1444.

tonnes of net CO2 reduced across our transport fleet from using HVO

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