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Fuel for Forklift Trucks

We deliver a range of fuel for forklift trucks nationwide, so whether you need DERV, white HVO fuel or Industrial Heating Oil, get in touch on 0330 123 1444 today.

Crown Oil

Fuel for Forklift Trucks Delivered UK-Wide

As of the 1st of April 2022, the subsidy on red diesel used in forklift trucks no longer applies. This means users must switch to an alternative fuel such as white diesel or white HVO.

As a UK leading fuels and lubricants supplier, countless businesses rely on us to keep their operations running smoothly, thanks to our first-class service and efficient deliveries.

You can take advantage of our standard 24-48 hour delivery service. Or, if you need it sooner, we offer an emergency fuel delivery service to ensure your forklift trucks are powered quickly, keeping site disruption to a minimum. Equally, our diverse range of fuel delivery vehicles means we can make deliveries of all sizes to any location.

Fuel for forklifts

Red diesel in forklift trucks is no longer permitted after 1 April 2022

The permitted uses for red diesel are now restricted to certain equipment used for:

  • Accepted purposes in agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry
  • Rail transport
  • Fuel used for non-commercial purposes – heating and power generation
  • Community amateur sports clubs (CASC) and golf courses
  • Sailing, boating and marine transport (excluding private pleasure craft in Northern Ireland)
  • Travelling fairs and circuses

Within agriculture, the equipment permitted to use rebated fuels for permissible purposes includes:

  • Tractors
  • Non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), for example, unlicensed forklifts
  • Work trucks, for example, road licensed forklifts

Accepted purposes are specified in Excise Notice 75, clause 9, and include:

  • Growing and harvesting crops, ornamental plants, timber and others
  • Rearing of animals for production of food, wool and others

Excluded from permissible uses are:

  • Construction of structures/buildings for purposes relating to agriculture
  • Purposes relating to sport or recreation
  • Transportation of produce, inputs or waste, except in specified circumstances

However, exemptions apply in certain cases, including:

  • Equipment using rebated fuel used for permitted purposes for agriculture, horticulture, fish farming or forestry, can be used for any other purpose on the Private land where it is ordinarily kept
  • Rebated fuel can be used to travel to and from the place where the vehicle is used, including on the public highway (so long as the vehicle is licensed)

For hire equipment, from the 1st of April 2022, rebated fuel must not be put into a vehicle, machine or appliance for a use that is no longer allowed and any fuel in the equipment should be used up before the deadline. However, you will not be required to flush the fuel tank except where the equipment is moving between permitted and non-permitted uses.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions with Crown HVO Fuel

Powering your forklift trucks needn’t be an environmentally damaging task. Crown HVO fuel is a drop-in diesel alternative that has approvals from many OEMs and engine manufacturers. The paraffinic diesel fuel can be used directly in diesel engines and is therefore a much easier and more reliable option than LPG.

White HVO offers up to a 90% reduction in net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions and has a significantly extended shelf life than regular diesel due to containing no impurities or FAME.

Lower your heating costs with Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

Is your warehouse experiencing spiralling heating costs? Crown Oil has been in the industry for over 70 years, so we know the high-cost implications of running businesses. That’s why we’ve developed a high-quality commercial fuel for heating: Industrial Heating Oil (IHO).

As well as being a cost-effective alternative to diesel and gas oil, there’s additionally no need to empty existing stocks. You can simply top up and continue to heat your business – but for a fraction of the price. Get in touch to start reducing your heating overheads today.

tonnes of net CO2 reduced across our transport fleet from using HVO

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