Fuel Polishing / Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel Polishing

fuel polishingIf you have been storing fuel for a long time, there is a chance that particulates and water have accumulated inside the tank. Crown Oil’s fuel polishing service is a technological process which will treat your diesel or red diesel fuel. Generator and engine failures can occur as a result of having fuel that is not being stored at its optimum conditions.

There is a specific sequence to the stages of which fuel polishing is carried out. It is very important that these follow each other one after the other. This is to make sure that the fuel has all contaminants, such as sediment, sludge and water removed, resulting in a much cleaner fuel and efficient system.

Crown Oil’s Fuel System Cleaner

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Fuel Polishing – Diesel Fuel Cleaning System

Our fuel system cleaner is friendlier to the environment and the best way to maintain your fuel quality and efficiency. We ensure the bacteria cannot return by neutralising any residual micro-fine particles. To help complete this work, Crown Oil has invested in a new state-of-the-art fuel conditioning unit. This allows us to polish the fuel in a quick and efficient manner without compromising on quality.

Fuel polishing

Over time contaminants such as water, bacteria, varnish and sludge can build up in your storage tank, this can negatively affect the lifespan of your fuel. The most economical way to combat this is fuel polishing which prevents expensive replacement and equipment damage.

When onsite we use a particle counter to check the condition of your diesel fuel. This measures all the particles that have accumulated within the tank dirt, bacteria and any other kind of debris. This will give us an indication as to the state of the fuel in the tank. We use a traffic light system to showcase the results. A green light will indicate that the fuel meets current specification; amber will mean the fuel is just short of meeting the criteria and will require a polish, whereas a red light will mean that a full fuel polishing process will need to take place.

fuel polishing / Fuel System Cleaner

Diesel Fuel Polishing Process

During the fuel polishing process, a custom-made chemical additive is added to the fuel which agitates any deposits and microbes that have become suspended in the fuel. The particles will lift from the bottom of your fuel tank and mix with the fuel, this will be pumped out, cleaned, and pumped back in numerous times until the fuel is cleaned to the highest standard.

Fuel System Cleaner

fuel system cleaner

We don’t leave your site until the fuel in your tank is in pristine condition.

fuel polishing 2Fuel polishing is a low-cost, efficient and safe process. The fuel is pumped through our bespoke mobile unit, and back into the tank in a continuous process, guaranteeing continuity of power. In just one hour up to 25,000 litres can be polished by using our system. The fuel is reconditioned by removing microbes, water and sludge. A specially formulated fuel additive is used to polish, filter and clean the fuel.

Once the fuel polishing process has been completed we will give you ‘best practices’ advice on how to keep your tank and fuel in their optimum conditions.

All of our team are trained in carrying out these environmental services, meaning we never outsource our work to third parties. We have experience in dealing with all tank sizes; from small nursing homes right through to large industrial buildings. Recently we signed a contract with one of the UK’s largest businesses to carry out fuel polishing in over 200 of their sites across the country.

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