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AdBlue® Specifications: ISO 22241

AUS 32 Diesel Engine Fluid (AdBlue®) must meet ISO 22241 specifications in order to be used in Euro 6 diesel engines. Learn what these specifications are.

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Read the ISO 22241 Specifications for AdBlue®

Aqueous Urea Solution 32 Diesel Engine Fluid, more simply AUS 32 DEF, or better yet AdBlue® is manufactured to meet ISO 22241 standards in order to be compliant to be used in modern diesel engines.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), our guide to explains more about the emissions-reducing fluid.

ISO 22241 Specifications: Physical and chemical properties of AdBlue®

In order to be used in Euro 6 diesel engines, AdBlue® needs to meet the BS ISO 22241 specifications, which it does by having the required physical properties and chemical properties. The table below illustrates the properties AdBlue® needs to have.

AppearanceColourless Liquid with slight ammonia odour  
Freezing point-11°C-11°C°C
Boiling point100°C100°C°C
Flash pointnot applicable (non-flammable)  
Water solubility100 g/l
Viscosity at 20°C1.41.4mPa.s
Urea Content31.833.2%
Density at 20°C1.0871.093g/cm3
Refracting index at 20°C1.38141.3843 
Alkalinity as NH3 0.2%
Biuret 0.3%
Insolubles 20 mg/kg 20mg/kg
Aldehyde 5 mg/kg 5mg/kg
Phosphate (PO4) 0.5mg/kg
Calcium 0.5mg/kg
Iron 0.5mg/kg
Aluminium 0.5mg/kg
Magnesium 0.5mg/kg
Sodium 0.5mg/kg
Potassium 0.5mg/kg
Copper 0.2mg/kg
Zinc 0.2mg/kg
Chromium 0.2mg/kg
Nickel 0.2mg/kg

Download the AdBlue® Spec PDF here. All DEF supplied by Crown Oil meets the required standards.

If you have any other questions about AdBlue® or are looking for a supply from a trusted distributor, contact our Adblue® experts today on 0330 123 1444.

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