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BS 14214 Biodiesel Specifications

Biodiesels must meet EN 14214 specifications in order to be used in hardware. Find what BS 14214 fuel specification means.

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Read the fuel specifications for EN 14214-compliant biodiesels

Biodiesel must meet EN 14214 specifications which include FAME biodiesel and UCOMe biodiesel. Biodiesel is an alternative to petroleum fuels such as red diesel (governed by the BS 2869 standard) and white diesel (governed by the EN 590 standard).

Although it is also an alternative to petroleum diesel fuel, HVO fuel does not meet these specifications as it is not a biodiesel; it is a paraffinic diesel, meaning it meets EN 15940 specifications and is chemically identical to petroleum diesel.

Find out more about this biodiesel standard in our guide to fuel specifications.

EN 14214 Biodiesel Specifications

ParameterUnitCHP B100EN14214
Fatty acid ethyl ester contentm/mMin 96.5%Min 96.5%
Density at 15°Ckg/m3872 – 878872 – 878
Viscosity at 40°Cmm2/s3.5 – 5.03.5 – 5.0
Flash pointoC>120>120
Cold Filter Plugging PointoCMax 10-20 to 0
Sulphur contentmg/kgMax 10Max 10
Carbon Residuem/mMax 0.5%Max 0.3%
Cetane number Min 51.0Min 51.0
Suphated Ash content(m/m)Max 0.02%Max 0.02%
Water contentmg/kgMax 350Max 500
Solid Impurities contentmg/kgMax 10Max 24
Oxidation stability at 110°ChoursMin 4.0Min 6.0
Acid ValueMg KOH/gMax 0.50Max 0.50
Iodine Valueg/100gMax 120Max 120
Linolenic acid ethyl ester contentm/mMax 12.0%Max 12.0%
Polyene acid ethyl ester contentm/mMax 1%Max 1%
Ethanol contentm/mMax 0.20%Max 0.20%
Monoacylglycerol contentm/mMax 0.8%Max 0.8%
Diacglycerol contentm/mMax 0.2%Max 0.2%
Triacyglycerol contentm/mMax 0.2%Max 0.2%
Free glycerol contentm/mMax 0.02%Max 0.02%
Total glycerol contentm/mMax 0.25%Max 0.25%
Typical calorific valueMJ/kgMin 37.5Min 35.0

Download EN 14214 Specifications as a PDF

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