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BS 2869 Gas Oil Specification

BS 2869 fuel specifications are set for gas oil that is intended for heating, power generation and agricultural use. Learn more about British Standard 2869 that fuels must meet.

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Find Out What the BS 2869 Fuel Specification Means

British Standard BS 2869 specification sets the standard for fuel oils for agricultural, domestic, and industrial engines and boilers. BS 2869 has four different grades that are optimised towards specific applications of the fuel oil and is different from EN 590 which is a specification for road diesel (DERV diesel).

For more information about this fuel standard, read our fuel specifications guide.

A2 Grade Gas Oil

A2 gas oil is the grade of fuel most appropriate for modern agricultural machinery and engines and is therefore the most popular off-road fuel. A2 Grade gas oil is low in sulphur (10ppm) and has an optional bio content of 7% by volume as well as an optionally higher cetane number (these are not mandatory if the equipment requires fuel that does not need to meet EN 590. Many engines are designed with EN 590 in mind).

A2 Grade gas Oil is adjusted seasonally to ensure optimal performance throughout the year. Crown Oil’s red diesel meets BS 2869 A2 specifications and we can supply this UK-wide.

View the A2 Grade diesel specification here

D Grade Gas Oil

D grade diesel is the most applicable for boilers, furnaces and older machinery,  containing 1000ppm of sulphur. Crown Oil is able to supply red diesel that meets D Grade specs nationally to customers that request this.

View the D Grade Gas Oil specification here

C1 Grade Kerosene (C1 kerosene)

C1 grade kerosene is the specification required for premium home heating oil – the highest grade of fuel used in kerosene-fueled home oil-fired boilers. At Crown Oil, we supply the North West with Bs 2869 C1 kerosene – simply call our team and ask.

View the C1 Grade Gas Oil specification here

C2 Grade Gas Oil (C2 kerosene)

The majority of home heating oil meets C2 standards and is known colloquially as home heating oil (HHO). Crown Oil supplies the North West with home heating oil that meets this specification, while our high-performance Kleenburn Kerosene also meets Bs 2869 C2 standards.

View the C2 Grade gas oil specification here

For a reputable supplier of BS 2869 grade fuel oils, contact the Crown Oil team on 0330 123 1444 today.

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