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Crown Oil is a fuel supplier that supplies fuels, oil and lubricants to businesses and homes across the UK with same day & next day deliveries available. Get in touch for competitive fuel prices from fuel suppliers you can trust.

Crown Oil

Fuel suppliers that will meet your needs

With over 70 years’ experience as a fuel supplier delivering oils and fuels around the country, Crown Oil has built up an extensive knowledge of the fuel industry. We can supply and deliver the fuel you need, to where you need it and when you need it most! Our guarantee is we will never let you down.

As one of the largest fuels and lubricants suppliers in the UK, we have the use of over 800 oil tankers, stationed strategically across the country. This enables us to reach you within a matter of hours, wherever you are, at any time of day (or night!).

Whether you require a full 36,000-litre delivery on an articulated tanker or 500-litres on our baby tanker, we have the equipment to ensure your fuel is with you before you know it.

If you require fuel prices from a competitively priced fuel supplier, please call us on 0845 313 0845 or fill in our online quote form on this page and one of our fuel experts will be more than happy to help.

Crown Oil fuel supplier truck  Red Diesel fuel supplier truck

Crown Oil delivers thousands of litres of heating oil and other fuel types to businesses and homes all over the UK every single day. Regardless of the fuel you need, Crown Oil can supply you with the amount you need.

Red diesel fuel suppliers

As one of the UK’s leading red diesel suppliers, Crown Oil is able to provide competitive diesel prices and prompt delivery, ensuring that you are never without important fuel and your day can carry on seamlessly. And with 70 years’ history as a gas oil supplier, we can be relied on. If you want to learn more about red diesel, we have compiled a guide to red diesel fuel that you can read.

Our red diesel can be supplied in any amount you require: from 205-litre barrels to our 36,000-litre tanker. Call the Crown Oil team today for a red diesel quote.

Kerosene fuel suppliers

You need a kerosene supplier who can provide you with heating oil when you need it, no matter how much you need. Ask our team for our kerosene prices, which will be competitive. Should you require clean-burning kerosene, we can provide that too.

Our kerosene can be supplied in any amount you require: from 205-litre barrels to our 36,000-litre tanker. Call the Crown Oil team today for a kerosene quote.

Heating oil suppliers

Crown Oil supplies heating oil for domestic and commercial customers. Whether you need us to supply you with home heating oil or whether you need us to supply you with industrial heating oil, we can get the amount you need on time.

Our heating oil can be supplied in any amount you require: from 205-litre barrels to our 36,000-litre tanker. Call the Crown Oil team today for a heating oil quote.

White diesel suppliers

In addition to red diesel for off-road agricultural, commercial and heating purposes, Crown Oil can also supply white diesel (DERV diesel) for road vehicle use.

Our road diesel can be supplied in any amount you require: from 205-litre barrels to our 36,000-litre tanker. Call the Crown Oil team today for a white diesel quote.

Why choose Crown Oil to supply your fuel?

Aside from our ability to supply homes and businesses with the fuel, oils and lubricants they require at competitive rates, there are many reasons to choose Crown Oil as your fuel, oil and lubricant supplier of choice, including:

Emergency fuel suppliers

We can supply you with the fuel you require today (emergency fuel order) or tomorrow with our standard fuel delivery service. Whether it’s a Sunday morning or a bank holiday evening, we specialise in arranging out of hours emergency supply deliveries to make sure you never experience downtime. Our phones are manned 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to give you ready access to fuel delivery all year round.

We can also offer you some of the longest payment terms in the industry, this coupled with over 70 years in the fuels & lubricants industry makes us a superb fuel supplier for you and your business.

If you require fuel urgently, contact us right now for same-day fuel delivery.

Nationwide fuel suppliers

Crown Oil works with oil depots around the country to ensure nationwide delivery of all our fuels, oils and lubricants for businesses and commercial customers UK-wide. Whether you need fuel delivered to you in London, in the North West or as far as Glasgow and the rest of Scotland and all down to south coast locations such as Cornwall and Brighton we are proven fuel suppliers to our customers all over the country.

Call us today on 0845 313 0845 to have fuel supplied anywhere in the UK. For home customers, speak to our team to discuss delivery options.

Bulk diesel supplier

If you require bulk amounts of fuel, Crown Oil can deliver bulk fuel – deliveries from 500-litres to 36,000. To learn more about bulk fuel deliveries, read our bulk fuel page, or speak to our team today.

To get the latest fuel price, please fill out the form on this page, or give us a quick call on 0845 313 0845 and one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you in all your fuel supply requirements.

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