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Gas Oil Diesel

It is a type of fuel oil distilled from petroleum and heavier than paraffin oil. It is less expensive than normal road diesel as it is a rebated fuel. This means that you pay less VAT on gasoil diesel than normal road diesel. This is because Gas Oil Diesel is used in off-road machinery.

Who Uses Gas Oil Diesel?

If you use construction machinery or agricultural machinery, then you are more likely to need gas oil diesel. You can also use it in commercial equipment such as bulldozers, generators, tractors, cranes, bobcats and combine harvesters.London Gas oil Prices

How Can I Order Gas Oil Diesel?

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We will also be able o advice on the delivery time and place you require your gas oil diesel delivering to. With us having over 100 depots throughout the UK you can be sure we will be able to deliver the gas oil diesel you need when you need it and to where to you need it. From 205 litre barrel up to and above 36,000 litres

Call now on 0845 313 0845 to speak with on of our team

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