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Oil Fuelled Heating Systems

Many home-owners across the UK have no option but to heat their home with oil. It is not the most common form of home heating. However, this kind of heating system does have its advantages and many people are not … Read more

Problems with Your Central heating Oil Supply

If your oil supply is incorrect or you’re not being charged the amount you were quoted, this blog will help you out. Your Provider Is Charging a Greater Price For The Oil Supply Than They Estimated The prices for oil … Read more

Inexpensive Heating Oil

There is not enough political attention given to regulating the heating oil market. Therefore, the homes that use heating oil in the UK (approximately 2 million) run the risk of paying too much. To ensure you don’t get done over, … Read more

Heating Oil Thefts – Police Advice

This winter you should make sure that your heating oil is safe. The word from UK police forces is that heating oil thefts are set to rise as temperatures drop below freezing and the evenings start to get darker. Police have … Read more

Central heating Oil Ordering and Delivery Guidelines

Ordering central heating oil and having it supplied to your household should be a fairly straightforward procedure but, if you have just moved household and you’re new to buying central heating oil, you might discover some of our guidelines could … Read more

How to deal with a heating oil leak

The impact of a heating oil leak can vary from sudden to periodic and from minor to catastrophic. With domestic use, leaks are often found coming from the tank, the valves or the supply line. As domestic heating oil tanks … Read more

Welcome to the new Crown Oil website

You may have noticed that the Crown Oil website looks a bit different. We’ve made a few improvements to the site so it’s easier for you to use. Something we have introduced is our blog, which will be managed by … Read more