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Guide to Industrial Heating Oil

Read our easy to understand guide on industrial heating oil with everything you need to know about the widely used commercial heating fuel

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Industrial Heating Oil Explained – An Easy Guide

Here at Crown Oil, we’re not afraid to take on Hollywood now and again and our latest video is no different. As a manufacturer of our own Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) product, we’ve created a video to help explain more about it, what it’s used for and how it can benefit your business or organisation by switching to Crown IHO.

Lights. Camera. Action!

We hope you gained some more insight into what Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) is and how it could benefit your business or organisation by switching to Crown IHO. To learn more, or to request a quote, call our friendly team today on 0330 123 1444.

But if you don’t have time to watch our video…

Crown Oil’s Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) is a drop-in replacement for anybody that was using gas oil for boiler applications to generate heat before the 1st of April 2022. It is not affected by the duty changes and can therefore be used to significantly reduce your commercial heating costs.

We supply IHO to some of the UK’s biggest users for a variety of applications from heating, and smelting, right down to smaller users such as hospitals, schools and colleges.

What is Industrial Heating Oil?

The calorific value for IHO compared to diesel is on a par – it’s virtually the same. This is referring to its burning characteristics, meaning the energy produced is the same or in fact, slightly better.

There are no burner modifications required to switch to IHO, the transport regulations are the same and IHO is fully miscible with diesel, so you don’t need to empty your tanks before taking delivery.

IHO has a low pour point of IHO (-25C), meaning we don’t need to create two variants of IHO as there’s no chance of it freezing in the tank.

We’re totally in control of what components we bring in – everything is fully quality assured before we start using it in the blend.

All our products are virgin sourced, meaning there’s no waste product blended into our IHO blend.

Our capacity for blending IHO is in the tens of millions of litres per year. We can blend anything up to 800,000 litres per batch!

We put additives in IHO to compensate for the reduced sulphur levels, which boosts the lubricity. There is also a cocktail of additives in there that keep all of the tanks and storage lines clean, and reduce the emissions, keeping burner side deposits to a minimum.

Uniquely within the oil industry, our customers get direct access to full technical support from the very people that formulate the product.

We have a 24-hour help desk, where we can guide our customers through any issues they may encounter. Using competitors’ products, we tend to find that they don’t usually have any issues using our product.

The benefits of using IHO in your business

There are many benefits to using switching to Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) from other oils such as diesel. We blend IHO at our own premises, manufacturing and supplying over 185 million litres over the last twelve months to many businesses and industries nationwide.  

  • Compatible with BS2869 Class A2 10 ppm & Class D 1000 ppm
  • Drop-in alternative to diesel – fully miscible so no need to run tanks dry
  • Same calorific value and physical properties as diesel – giving you the same heat output as diesel but for less money
  • IHO is not affected by the change in red diesel duty – cost-effective heating fuel
  • Contains multifunctional additive – provides fuel system cleanliness, corrosion protected and reduced emissions
  • Light colour, low odour and sediment-free – much cleaner than other commercially available products

Not all IHO is created equally

We recognise that there are alternative heating fuels out there that have a bad reputation. In the past, organisations have trialled alternative heating fuels and have had their fingers burnt.

Unfortunately, these products have caused mass damage in boiler applications from clogging lines to soot in boilers and sludge in tanks.

There are many alternatives to diesel, many of which are on the market which are full of sediments and water, as they aren’t created in the same manner as Crown’s IHO.

It’s nothing but good news

We get a lot of positive feedback about our IHO product.

Last year, a customer changed from diesel to IHO. They had their boiler serviced annually like usual. The engineer came out and didn’t have to do anything at all. He said it’s the cleanest boiler he’d ever been to!

The types of objections we get are that people think it’s a different product that’s inadequate to diesel. But once they give it a go, they end up converting and never looking back – saving money too!

The one thing Crown Oil prides itself on it our service levels and ultimately that we manufacture IHO, enabling us to be in full control of it. We can fulfil most orders to locations throughout the UK within 48 hours.

If the need arises, we operate 24/7, 365 days a year so we can respond on an emergency call-out if need be!

A little bit about Crown Oil

Crown Oil was founded over 75 years ago. We’re a third-generation, family-run and family-owned business – and we’re proud to be one the largest, independent distributors within the UK!

We employ in excess of over 1000 people, including the R&D team, who together, have over 100 years’ experience in blending and formulating alternative products.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that our IHO is a significantly superior heating fuel, so give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call today on 0330 123 1444 to find out how we can help you.

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