Heating with Industrial Heating Oil

Save Money With Crown Industrial Healing OilLower Your Heating CostIf you’re using Red Diesel / Gas Oil for heating and would like to save money, then switching to Crown Oil’s industrial heating oil (IHO) will help you achieve this.

You needn’t worry about downtime and there’s no need to run your tanks dry.

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Crown Industrial Heating Oil is specifically intended for use wherever Class A2 or Class D Gas Oil / Red Diesel can be used for the production of hot water, steam or other forms of heat generation. i.e. boilers, dryers, heaters & furnaces.

The below video explains how you can switch and save with Crown Industrial Heating Oil.

Our Industrial Heating Oil is a fully rebated product (nil excise duty), it is strictly prohibited for use in both on and off-road vehicles or any other static or mobile engines.

What is Industrial Heating Oil?

  • Crown Industrial Heating Oil is a blend of petroleum fractions and performance additives which provides a commercially attractive alternative to regular Gas Oil / Red Diesel.
  • IHO is a clean product manufactured from components that do not contain or include heavy metals, halogens, particulates, waste oils or residual fuel oils.
  • It is a light coloured, low odour product free from visible sediment.
  • It is compliant with all the parameters set out in BS2869 Class D British Standard for heating oil (1000 ppm Gas Oil), with the exception of the cetane value.
  • Cetane value is the diesel equivalent of octane number in gasoline and provides a measure of the power output of the fuel, it is not of any significance for heat generation.

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Industrial Heating Oil

Industrial Heating Oil – Applications and Limitations

 Typical outlets include;

  •   hospitals
  •   schools, colleges, universities
  •   factories
  •   hotels
  •   distilleries & breweries
  •   grain dryers
  •   sand and stone quarries
  •   road stone coating plants

Industrial Heating Oil – Manufacture

  • Crown blend IHO at their premises in Bury and at another terminal in Workington.
  • Over the last twelve months, we have manufactured and supplied over 30 million litres.
  • We have three blend vessels at the Bury site with capacities of millions of litres.
  • The Workington site comprises a 5 million litre capacity blending vessel.
  • We manufacture a quality product from quality blend components.

Industrial Heating Oil – Features & Benefits

  • IHO competes favourably with Gas Oil / Red Diesel on price.
  • It has same calorific value as Gas Oil – same heat output for less money.
  • It complies with BS2869 Class D with the same physical properties as Gas Oil – no burner modifications required.
  • IHO is totally miscible with Gas Oil in all proportion – no need to run down the storage tank contents before the changeover.
  • It has a very low pour point/CFPP- no danger of fuel not flowing in winter.
  • IHO has approximately half the sulphur level of 1000 ppm Gas Oil – acidic flue gas emissions reduced up to 50%.
  • Reduction in sulphur level compensated for by careful selection of components – lubricity levels maintained to protect fuel pumps.
  • Additive treated – provides fuel system cleanliness & corrosion protection, reduced emissions and combustion chamber deposit control.
  • IHO has the same hazard class as regular Gas Oil – conforms to the same transport regulations as Gas Oil.

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