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If you're looking for the very latest and best-priced heating oil, then get in touch now. We provide efficient UK-wide deliveries and competitive fuel prices all year round.

Crown Oil

Low Priced Oil Suppliers – Fast Delivery

Are you looking for fuel or lubricants, but don’t want to pay over the odds? Here at Crown Oil we strive to get you the lowest oil prices all year round, after all, we’re one of the UK’s leading low priced oil suppliers. If you’re looking for fuel in an emergency or you’ve simply run out of fuel, then give us a call on 0845 313 0845 or please fill in our quote form to the right of this page.

Please click below on each fuel you require to take you to their dedicated page:

  • Red diesel – also known as gas oil, used to power off-road machinery and vehicles
  • Industrial Heating Oil – also known as IHO, used to heat businesses for less
  • Heating Oil – also known as kerosene, mainly used to heat homes
  • Lubricants – used to reduce friction in machinery and vehicles
  • Diesel – also called DERV, used to power anything with a diesel engine
  • Carbon Offset Red Diesel – gas oil that has been completely carbon offset
  • Biodiesel – fuel that has been created from renewable resources
  • Kleenburn Kerosene – heating oil with a special additive to stop sludge from forming in your tank

Crown Oil is one one of the industry’s leading oil suppliers based in Bury, Lancashire, but we have oil depots all over the country. That means we can deliver fuel to any location in the UK, so even if you’re based in Cornwall or the Shetlands, we can get fuel to you in no time! Our standard delivery time is within 48 hours of purchase.

We have been a low-price oil supplier for over 70 years. As an independently owned family run company, family values are important to us. We pride ourselves on being big enough to cope with the larger deliveries, but small enough to care about our smaller customers who may not order oil supplies in large quantities or very often.

Crown Oil Red Diesel

Nationwide, low price oil supplier

As you may be aware, oil prices are often at their lowest in summer, so therefore we would encourage as many of our customers as possible to buy their heating oil during the months of June, July or August. This is when you can make savings against the costs in winter because oil prices have a tendency to rise as temperatures being to drop.

If you’re looking to purchase fuel from a low price oil supplier who will deliver to you at any time of day, then look no further than Crown Oil. We will always aim to provide our customer with low price oil supplies all year round. If you’re looking for any of these products, please give us a call on 0845 313 0845 or please fill in our quote form to the right of this page.

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