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Protect your business operations and claim your Free Lubricant Health Check

You invest a lot of money in your machinery as it’s what keeps your business running smoothly. So, it’s just as important to invest in its lubrication. Using the correct oil will ensure parts run smoothly and correctly, leading to consistent reliable running of your operations.

For every pound you save on buying low-cost oil products, the regular and reactive maintenance costs will almost outdo your initial savings every time.

Reducing contamination and wear-particle levels is key to healthy lubricants and lubricated equipment

Ask yourself the following…

  • Do you have the right quality and type lubricant for the right application?
  • Does your lubricant manufacturer comply with the European and UK Lubricant Industry standards?
  • Does your lubricant manufacturer have OEM approvals?

Most machine breakdowns are due to contaminated or poor-quality oil. For complete peace of mind that your costly machinery and equipment is protected against wear and tear, we’re offering your business one free lubricant health check.

What’s involved?

  • We’ll come to your site to take oil samples
  • We’ll perform detailed analysis at our on-site laboratory to determine any contaminants and particles within
  • We’ll conduct a survey to ensure you’re using the correct lubes and if the range can be amalgamated to fewer grades
  • We’ll identify a course of action to take to avoid bearing failure and costly replacements

Since prevention is always better than cure, fill in our quick form below to book your Free Lubricant Health Check today.

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