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5 Energy Saving Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

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It’s important to go green in this day and age…

If you don’t think so, think again: Stephen Hawking warned, the Earth runs a very serious risk of turning into a Venus-like ‘hothouse planet’. If we’re to slow or hopefully prevent this from happening, we need to reduce our carbon emissions he warned, or risk boiling oceans, sulphuric acid rain and a generally uninhabitable state of affairs for human beings and life in general, here on Earth. In other words: we all need to commit to going green this year.

Even though Hawking may have taken a little bit of poetic licence with this gloomy prediction, the scientific community agrees that we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions in order to keep our planet habitable for future generations.

Here at Crown Oil, we’re committed to seeking out the latest means of reducing our carbon footprint. So, we thought we’d help nifty eco-friendly gadgets you’ve probably never heard of.

Going green has never been this inventive….

1. SUNNY Solar Charging Battery Pack

This battery pack takes advantage of planet earth’s most bountiful renewable energy source to make sure you never go without juice when you need it the most.

By incorporating a solar panel onto the back of this phone case, all you need is a bit of daylight to keep your phone going. Say goodbye to plug sockets, and say hello to unlimited renewable energy!

2. SpeakaBoo Bamboo iPhone speaker (

Portable speakers are a great idea, but not if they run out of battery mid-Beyonce.

That’s why you could do with a SpeakaBoo instead.

The Speakaboo cleverly utilises the naturally resonant structure of a bamboo stick to amplify the sound from your phone’s built-in speaker, providing environmentally friendly good vibes wherever you go.

3. LED home lighting

How many times have you picked up an energy saving light bulb in order to do your bit for the environment, only to find that it takes about 20 minutes for it to fully illuminate once the switch has been flicked?

Too many times. With LED lighting, however, that’s no longer an issue. Not only do they switch on to full illumination instantly, but they also emanate a strong, natural-looking light for 10% of the electricity costs. Oh, and they last a lot longer too, with a lifespan of 60,000 hours.

Not to mention the fact that they’re durable, and don’t heat up either. Safer. Longer. Faster. Stronger. The future of energy efficient lighting is here, and its name is LED.

4. Radfan

Here’s the problem with radiators: they’re not very good radiators.

What we mean by this, is that they’re not very efficient. Normally, they end up pushing all that hot air up towards the ceiling, and before you’ve even started to feel the warmth, you’ve already spent money heating the upper half of the room!

The Radfan changes all that. By attaching this low-energy electric fan to your radiator, you’ll begin to feel the warmth as soon as the radiator turns on as it blows the heated air in your direction. This puts an end to wasteful, inefficient heating, and gets you warmer faster.

5. Neoperl Eco Tap Aerator

Every now and then, an energy saving device comes along and makes us realise just how wasteful we’ve been being all along.

Take the Neoperl Eco Tap Aerator, for example. Once you’ve attached it to your tap, reduces the flow of water without compromising its pressure. In other words, you use up to 60% less water without losing any of the tap’s ability to rinse your plates.

For a gadget that costs less than £5 and saves so much water, you can’t afford not to go green.

Now that you’ve been dazzled by these eco-friendly inventions, why not take a look at the ways we’re helping you go green this year…

We offer a range of options such as carbon offset red diesel and biofuels to help you conduct your business in as eco-friendly a manner as possible.

After all, we’re committed to going green, and we want to give everyone else the chance to go green too.

If you would like to talk to our friendly team about helping your business to go greener user our greener range of fuels. Call us today on 0845 313 0845 to learn more and discuss your requirements.

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