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Book Just 9 Days Off From Work, But Get 18 Consecutive Days Holiday!

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Yeah, we thought you’d be interested…

Thanks to the dates of Easter next year, in relation to the first Bank Holiday weekend of May, you can get 18 back-to-back days off but only need to use up 9 days of annual leave.

This assumes you are not expected to work on public holidays or weekends, which we’re aware is not the case for everyone. But if you work a more ‘standard’ Monday to Friday staff position, this is a great one to be aware of!

So here is how it works:

Fri 19th April – Good Friday

Sat 20th April – Weekend

Sun 21st April – Easter Sunday

Mon 22nd April – Easter Monday

Tues 23rd April – Annual leave

Weds 24th April – Annual leave

Thurs 25th April – Annual leave

Fri 26th April – Annual leave

Sat 27th April – Weekend

Sun 28th April – Weekend

Mon 29th April – Annual leave

Tues 30th April – Annual leave

Weds 1st May – Annual leave

Thurs 2nd May – Annual leave

Fri 3rd May – Annual leave

Sat 4th May – Weekend

Sun 5th May – Weekend

Mon 6th May – May Day Bank Holiday

Not bad eh?

Or if you don’t want to the full 18 days off work because you love work so much and can’t bear to be away for nearly 3 weeks, just use 4 days annual leave and get 10 days off from Friday 19th April to Sunday 28th April.

Needless to say, whatever day of the week it is, regardless if it is a Bank Holiday or weekend, we can deliver fuels and lubricants to you, every day of the week. And we can even do it in an emergency too, to ensure your business and home keeps ticking along.

Take a look at our emergency delivery options and get a quote today.

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