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SHERP‌ ‌ATV‌ ‌-‌ ‌The‌ ‌All-Terrain‌ ‌Vehicle‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ ‌Rescue

The all-terrain vehicle you’ve been waiting for

Does your business operate a fleet of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs)? Or maybe you’re just a diesel power enthusiast. Either way, you might have heard of the Ukrainian amphibious ATV, the SHERP, that allows its operators to go head to head with mother nature and win.

At Crown Oil, we supply road diesel and off-road red diesel (also known as gas oil) across the UK to keep fleets of all kinds running smoothly.

Sherp ATV difficult terrain

What is an ATV/UTV?

There are two kinds of off-highway vehicles: ATVs and UTVs. ATV stands for ‘all-terrain vehicle’ and UTV stands for ‘utility terrain vehicle’. The two are similar in that they are designed to operate off-road on hard-to-navigate terrain. ATVs are used mostly for recreation, and typically have three or four wheels, a saddle and a handlebar to navigate. ATVs generally include quad bikes and three-wheelers.

UTVs are built to do work in any terrain and have a side-by-side seating arrangement, as well as space for storage.

While many are comfortable in wet, muddy conditions, they usually stop short of being amphibian – i.e. their engines are exposed to water. At the extreme end of the UTV/ATV spectrum is the SHERP range of ATVs.

If your business relies on having UTVs at hand and you refuel vehicles onsite with red diesel or white diesel, Crown Oil has an adaptable fleet of fuel tankers that specialise in getting to hard-to-reach locations.

What is the SHERP ATV?

The SHERP ATV is an amphibian ATV which can navigate literally any terrain. From breezing over rugged landscapes to floating on water, it is built for all conditions. SHERP was set up by the Ukraine-based Quadro International in 2012, and the brand has since gone from strength to strength.

Whether you frequently struggle with icy lakes, dense forests or just pot-holes on your local roads, this two-seater, diesel-powered beast from the East of Europe is an all-terrain vehicle that makes driving routes that are otherwise laborious or dangerous into a leisurely stroll.

If you own a SHERP ATV, you’ll need a steady supply of on-road or off-road diesel that you can rely on. Call 0330 123 1444 to place an order or to find out more.

Sherp ATV mountain terrain

SHERP ATV models

SHERP currently has four models in its catalogue. Three of them are ATVs and the fourth is a cargo boat aimed at complementing the ATVs. The models are:

  • SHERP N – the all-rounder ATV
  • SHERP The Ark – a vehicle and trailer specialised in transporting bulky cargo, fuel, liquid and people in inaccessible areas and extreme conditions
  • SHERP Pro – the high-performance vehicle capable of clearing 1m tall obstacles
  • SHERP The Shuttle – a cargo boat able to carry two SHERP ATVs in watery terrain

What is the SHERP ATV used for?

The SHERP ATV is designed with real-world applications in mind and is used in several sectors like search and rescue; humanitarian missions that involve getting food, water and medicines to people; and construction projects in rural, hard-to-reach locations.

Other industries that find the SHERP invaluable include:

  • Geologists
  • Land surveyors
  • Mining
  • Mineral processing
  • Maintenance of power lines and pipelines
  • Recreation and tourism

The SHERP ATV is utilised around the world as a vehicle that is undaunted by terrain and landscape. It makes life easier for professionals that work in rugged landscapes everywhere.

How much is a SHERP ATV?

SHERP ATVs are a business purchase and can therefore be customised, depending on your needs. In 2020, prices of the SHERP ATVs started at $115,000 for the SHERP Pro, which equates to £89,000.

What else can you purchase for that sort of cash that can swim, ski and climb?

For a little more oomph, you can get the SHERP N, which retails for around $126,000 (or £97,000).

At the highest range of the spectrum is the SHERP The Ark, which will set you back around $375,000 (£290,000). But once you learn it includes a trailer that can seat 20 people, it makes a lot more sense!

SHERP ATVs are not road legal as they are built solely for off-road use. When it comes to getting them from site to site, they must be transported by trailer. While this may seem inconvenient, this allows SHERPs to be run on red diesel, a much cheaper option than regular DERV. This lowers the running costs of a vehicle which already benefits from low maintenance costs.

SHERP ATV Specs and Performance

The SHERP ATVs are rugged, manoeuvrable and can handle any terrain, and when The BBC’s Top Gear called them “tanks for two” they weren’t kidding. And with specs like these, it’s easy to see why there’s so much performance in such a small package.

Here are the specs for the three SHERP models:


  • Loading capacity: 1,200kg
  • Max speed (land) 40km/h (25mph)
  • Max speed water 6km/h (3.7mph)
  • Passengers (including driver): 9 max (hard top) 2 (pick up)
  • Fuel autonomy: 14hrs with main tank. 61 hours  with 4 fuel canisters
  • Fuel consumption: 5 Lph (1.3gph)
  • Approach clearance: 1-metre
  • Engine: Doosan D18 Eco-friendly engine
  • Engine power: 55hp/41kW
  • Engine displacement: 1.8-litres
  • Cylinders: 3
  • Service temperature: -40oC to 40oC
  • Tire size:1800x600x25 (71x23x25in)
  • Fuel type: Diesel


  • Loading capacity: 1,000kg
  • Max speed (land) 40km/h (25mph)
  • Max speed water 6km/h (3.7mph)
  • Passengers (including driver): 6 max
  • Fuel autonomy: 22hrs with main fuel tank. 115 hours max with 4 fuel canisters.
  • Fuel consumption: 2-3-lph (0.5-0.8gph)
  • Approach clearance: 1-metre
  • Engine: Kubota V1505-t / E3B
  • Engine power: 44.3hp/33kW
  • Engine displacement: 1.5-litres
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Service temperature: -50oC to 40oC
  • Tire size: 1800x600x25 (71x23x25in)
  • Fuel type: Diesel


  • Loading capacity: 3,400kg
  • Max speed (land) 30km/h (18.6mph)
  • Max speed water 6km/h (3.7mph)
  • Passengers (including driver): 22 max (4 in front and 18 in trailer)
  • Fuel autonomy: 24hrs with main tank. 82 hours max with 10 fuel canisters
  • Fuel consumption: 8-12-lph (1.3gph)
  • Approach clearance: 1.5-metres
  • Engine: Doosan D24 Eco-friendly engine
  • Engine power: 74.3hp/55.4kW
  • Engine displacement: 2.4-litres
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Service temperature: -50oC to 40oC
  • Tire size: 1800x600x25 (71x23x25in)
  • Fuel type: Diesel

It looks high, so just how tall is the Sherp ATV?

Finally, you may have noticed the ‘slightly’ over-sized 1.8m tall tyres at each corner. In fact, this thing looks like a matchbox on wheels and those tubeless, ultra low-pressure tyres stand at 180 cm. Its huge tyres create clearance underneath the Sherp ATV, allowing it to mount obstacles between 1-metre and 1.5-metres high, depending on the model. What this means is that it can literally get over anything, even a bad break-up with its girlfriend!

Can the SHERP ATV float?

Yes, it’s an amphibious vehicle so it can float in rivers, lakes and the sea. It can even navigate ice. For large distances, it will need to be transported as its top speed in water is about 5.2 knots (6mph).

Sherp ATV river

Fuel for SHERP ATV

The SHERP ATV is powered by a diesel engine. Since the SHERP ATV is not road legal and should be used exclusively in an off-road environment, red diesel (gas oil) can be used to power it. This has the benefit of lowering the vehicle’s running costs, assuming transportation of the ATV from site to site is already taken care of.

Is the SHERP ATV for sale in the UK?

If you’re looking for a high-performance, off-road, amphibious vehicle then there’s good news: there is a UK-based dealership. You can find out more information on the SHERP website, but we’ve written this as fans of such a unique and adaptable piece of machinery!

Red diesel for off-road fleets

If your business relies on vehicles that live off-road in the UK, then get in touch with Crown Oil today. We can supply red diesel, white diesel (DERV) as well as our advanced renewable diesel alternative, HVO fuel which will reduce your greenhouse emissions by up to 90%. Call us today to find out more.

For a reliable supply of fuel for off-road vehicles, call Crown Oil today.

*Post updated on October 15, 2020

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