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Could your business save money by switching to Red Diesel?

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Red diesel, otherwise known as gas oil, is a familiar product amongst some – but a complete mystery to others. Its recent presence in the news has undoubtedly sparked curiosity among a few people and probably the reason you’re reading this article now.

What is Red Diesel (in layman’s terms)?

If you have a diesel engine vehicle then you’ll be very familiar with the fuel which it uses for power called ‘diesel’. This is a regularly taxed fuel which is generally labelled as road diesel, white diesel or DERV. You can find it at all petrol stations usually however red diesel is much more mysterious and harder to find.

Red Diesel (also known as Gas Oil) is exactly the same as white diesel except for the colour dye that is added to the fuel. It will work just like diesel in your car but it is illegal to do so if you’re using it on the road because of the lower tax duty on this fuel.

The red dye is a marker and can be used to detect the illegal use of red diesel if you’re stopped by police or HMRC’s roadside stop checks.

White Diesel - Diesel Fuel Pump Red Diesel Ride-on Mower

Why is Red Diesel cheaper and who can use it?

Red diesel is cheaper than road diesel (DERV) because it’s used in the construction, agriculture, and horticulture industries. It’s used as a fuel to power vehicles and machinery for work purposes and it is a low tax (rebated) fuel because it can’t be used (in most cases) on the roads. If you’d like to find more answers to common questions regarding red diesel then click here.

Other uses for Gas Oil (Red Diesel) include:

Backup generators are used onsite at locations across the country that rely on a constant flow of power. Data centres and hospitals are excellent examples of those who require red diesel to power their generators should they ever have a power-cut.
Lawnmowers – Whether it be a diesel-powered push lawnmower or a ride-on lawnmower, cutting large areas of grass with an electric corded lawnmower or one of the new cordless lawnmowers often isn’t practical. For many people, a trip to the local petrol station to fill up containers of regular diesel is required. But if you’re able to meet the criteria set out by HMRC for the purchase of red diesel. You can save money by switching.

Why should you buy Red Diesel?

The current price of crude oil (oil) is at a real low point at the moment and has been significantly reduced in the last few months. Between Dec 2014 and January 2015 the price of oil dropped by a large percentage. That’s a huge drop which could fall further but, has a much higher chance of rising and closing the large gap which has been created.

This means you can potentially buy your red diesel at the lowest price ever in recent history. For those of you who purchase large quantities, this means significant savings or massive bargains as you get more red diesel for your money!

Businesses across the UK choose Crown Oil to supply Gas Oil because:

We provide a 24 – 48-hour fuel delivery service
We’re an established red diesel supplier, with over 70 years experience
We work hard to provide the most competitive red diesel prices
We can supply red diesel in quantities from 205-litres (by the barrel) or in bulk from 500 litres to 36,000+ litres
We offer our business customers flexible payment options

If you’re ready to find out more about how red diesel could help to ‘fuel your business’. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today by calling us on 0845 313 0845. You can also request a quote and make a purchase by calling us on the same number.

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