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Crown HVO Fuel in a Modern Excavator: Land & Water Case Study

HVO excavatorLand & Water, a UK award-winning civil and environmental engineering expert trialled Crown HVO fuel at their Rainham Marshes Habitat Creation Scheme which is part of the East London Wild Space Initiative. The scheme will create over 1million square meters of new high-level RSPB wetland to help save the nesting marsh harrier, a protected bird of prey species.

The project runs 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and has a zero-waste scheme with silted materials brought back into other projects close by for re-use, minimising landfill and the need for transportation.

The Crown HVO fuel trial

In March 2020, Land & Water hosted a demonstration of Crown HVO fuel at its Rainham Marshes site in Essex. The team were initially sceptical of Crown HVO fuel in the interim because of past biofuel issues. However, HVO fuel is a paraffinic diesel fuel and does not face the same problems as first-generation biofuels.

To test the renewable diesel, the contractor started with 6,000 litres in a modern 25tonne excavator with a tier-4 engine. The digger runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in arduous conditions – and would test any fuel to its limit. Land & Water were impressed with the results and the trial was a huge success.

HVO fuel excavator

James Maclean, CEO at Land & Water said: “As a planet, a nation and as individuals, we are at a pivotal moment in history. If we are to safeguard our world for our future generations, we need change. We need to find innovative ways to cut our carbon emissions. As a company that operates a vast fleet of machinery, we were extremely excited by Crown HVO fuel so decided to put it through its paces on one of our busiest sites. We believe the results speak for themselves. HVO fuel can be put directly into the machinery, with no need for adaptations and it has performed faultlessly. As a result, we will be offering all our clients the option of using HVO fuel on their projects.”

“It is our belief that HVO fuel could play a significant role in the UK Government’s goal of becoming net-zero in terms of carbon emissions by 2050 and we are extremely pleased to have worked with Crown Oil throughout this testing project and to now be able to offer our customers the same opportunity.”

He added: “This trial comes as part of our 2050 campaign to achieve net-zero carbon strategy. We believe this cannot be achieved without huge behavioural change within our industry and we aim to be fore-runners in sustainability within our sector. Our 4-step process enables us to look at how we operate differently to see where and how we can improve sustainable functionality across all our projects and to keep emissions and waste to an absolute minimum.”

Crown HVO fuel could help your business too

As of April 2022, the construction industry will no longer be permitted to use red diesel in its off-highway machinery which has caused an interest in the renewable fuel. Red diesel users will face an extra 46.81ppl for diesel when the rebate ends. With an environmental drive, there is significant hope that the Government will shift the red diesel rebate to non-fossil fuels.

Crown HVO fuel is being used by a range of different industries, from construction to events, productions to data centres and is key in helping the UK achieve its environmental targets. With a large number of environmental and logistical benefits, there’s no better time to switch your diesel to HVO fuel to see up to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about Crown HVO fuel in our FAQ.

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