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Crown Oil Fund Eco Centre At Local School

Crown Oil has invested in an Eco Centre for Heap Bridge Village Primary School.

Heap Bridge - Eco Centre 2bThe students and teachers were delighted with the new Eco Centre. It will support the school’s outdoor learning programme.

The Eco Centre includes a solar panel. It also has a wind turbine. This will feed through a display into two 12 volt batteries. This will eventually be used to power some low voltage lighting. This is based in the recently renovated air raid shelter. The children use this in the school grounds. The Eco Centre also has a rainfall system. So the school can use the water they have collected to water plants.

In the future there will be a strong demand for people who are informed and trained about renewable energy. That’s why it is now on the curricula in schools. Therefore, there is a need to educate school children now about how to use renewable energy for sustainable development. Education will be supported by giving children hands-on experience of statistics. Data monitoring, electricity as well as information about the environment will also be taught. It also teaches children about the fundamentals of technology and science. It introduces them to the principles of using renewable resources to generate electricity.

Mr Marcus Cockcroft, Head teacher at the school said; “This is a very generous donation. Heap Bridge - Eco Centre 1bCrown Oil have supported the school in achieving something we had been looking at installing for some time. However, we simply didn’t have the funds to do it. The school has worked with Crown Oil on a number of occasions now. Children had previously visited the offices to improve their understanding of business. Crown Oil has always supported the school in whatever way we have asked of them. We are thrilled with their latest donation”.

Power Ed has supplied the equipment used in the Eco Centre.