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Devious Thieves are Striking Local Farmers and Construction Sites to Make a Fast Buck

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red diesel supplyMany construction sites and farms across the UK are opening in the morning to find that they have been drained of their entire red diesel supply.

The thieves may be using it as fuel in their own vehicles or selling it on the black market. So people are advised to contact the police if anyone tries to sell them fuel illegally.

Anyone that has a red diesel supply is advised to ensure that the storage tank is properly secured from theft. Businesses are also users of red diesel. They are also advised to watch out for any suspicious behaviour on their grounds.

If you have had your red diesel supply stolen from you, then you should contact your local police force as soon as you realise the fuel is missing.

Anyone that has seen anything suspicious around a construction site or near a farm should contact the police in the first instance, but always be aware of your own safety and never approach any suspicious characters.

Red diesel can also be used for construction, farming and commercial purposes. This is because the rate of tax on red diesel which cannot be used to power vehicles on public highways, is a far lower than regular white diesel which can be used on public highways.

If red diesel is being used illegally an inspector will be able to tell by its red colour. Chemically it is no different from the diesel that you can pump into the fuel tank at your local fuel station.

Anybody that is caught using red diesel illegally will have to pay a fine which equates to the tax of the amount of fuel that can be stored in that vehicle’s tank.

Fuel can often be stolen from fuel tanks by drilling holes into the tank or by draining out fuel from unlocked tanks via pipes.

Anyone that may be able to help the police is asked to come forward and contact them by calling the non-emergency number – 101.

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