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Engaged Employees Mean a Happy Workplace

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Your employees are dragging their heels through the door. They’re habitually on the minutes. And they’re non-stop moaning about the week going slow.

Well, you may in fact have yourself to blame. Because unengaged employees mean an underwhelmed and undervalued workforce.

Lack of engagement can affect performance and result in negative customer interactions – which will inevitably have a domino effect on your business.

So that begs the question, how exactly do I improve engagement?

Get to know all of your employees

It sounds simple. And it is. Take time to get to know each and every one. Managers who develop relationships with their team have better communication and productivity within their team.

In fact, research shows that 83% of engaged staff say “my supervisor cares about me as a person” compared to 4% of disengaged employees.

By acknowledging them and paying an interest in their personal life and hobbies, they will feel like a strong contender in the company and a valued member of the team. That brings us onto no.2…

Make your staff feel valued

Your employees are the backbone and driving force to your company’s success. Acknowledging good work is a key motivator in engaging your employees.

Simple words of praise and encouragement will go a long way and motivate people to strive to do their best.

Take it a step further… run awards ceremonies and give out prizes for hard work and we promise, you will reap the benefits.

Develop and improve your company culture

Make your workplace a supportive and inclusive one. You want a team that looks forward to the next day, not one who dreads it.

A fun environment is a positive one, and it ensures employees are keen to come to work.

Celebrate birthdays, implement dress-down Fridays and organise team bonding activities. Remember to include on-the-road employees as they can often feel a little lonely out there on their own!

Have a clear brand identity

Employees want to feel involved in the company brand. This will ensure a sense of belonging and encourage them to want to contribute towards your company mission.

Leaders must promote a positive, multidimensional connection between employees and the brand identity.

In depth new starter training that covers all aspects of the company’s identity will enable employees to fully understand what you’re about. After all, they’re the ones promoting it!

Offer transparency through improved communication channels

Communication is key. Give your employees insight into processes and be open in decision making. If big changes are on the horizon, it’s imperative that your employees remain informed and updated so they can go on the journey with you. No one likes a sudden change.

Provide direction with personal development and training opportunities

Offer your employees a training matrix along with professional development and a career path to follow.

Opportunities for growth and development will result in a successful worker and therefore a successful business. Someone who feels they can grow within a business is more likely to stay and therefore sustain their knowledge within your workforce. So give them room to branch out and come up with new ideas.

No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job!

Step back, observe and empower your staff

To discover an employee’s full potential, you need to put them in situations out of their comfort zone that will build their confidence. If you continue to micromanage, you will never know their full capability. Likewise, they will never know their own.

Give room for mistakes and then help to pick up the pieces. After all, we learn mostly from the blunders we make.

Ongoing feedback is key for when employees struggle with aspects of the job. Those who understand the business, their role and responsibilities are likely to be more engaged and able to do the job correctly.

A happy and valued employee is more likely to recommend to others.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement is not just guesstimating whether someone likes their job or not. You need to measure it to find out how committed they are to your business and its success. Surveys reveal how motivated they are and how emotionally invested they are.

Listening to your employees will determine what areas need improving so you can work on them. Giving your workforce a voice will make them feel part of the company.

So, there we have it, 8 simple steps to encourage an engaged workforce.

An engaged company means a happy company!

Here at Crown Oil, we are a family-run and owned company, with an excellent working environment. We regularly run team building sessions and give colleagues an annual weekend away to ensure all of our colleagues feel part of the Crown family.

If you want to join Crown Oil and feel like you’ve got a lot to offer, take a look at our current job opportunities, or get in touch with us today on 0845 313 0845.

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