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First UK Fuel Supplier to Run Entire Fleet on HVO Fuel

We practice what we preach!

We can’t expect others to make a change without leading by example, and we’re proud to be the first and only fuel supplier to run our entire delivery fleet on HVO fuel. We hope this move will showcase the fuel’s ability to perform faultlessly as a viable diesel alternative.

By simply switching our vehicles over to Crown HVO, we predict a saving of around 3,080 tonnes of CO2 during a 12 month period, compared to using standard diesel

To help visualise how much CO2 we’ll save in a year, 3,080 tonnes of CO2 is equivalent to:

  • The average carbon footprint of over 242 UK residents per year
  • 770 Asian elephants in weight
  • Driving around the earth 81 times

With approvals from the majority of OEMs, Crown HVO fuel can be used in vehicles, commercial boilers, tractors, inland waterway vessels, generators and machinery without any modifications or capital expenditure. This removes cost barriers and enables a practical step towards decarbonisation, saving businesses a huge amount of money and time when making the switch.

The Crown Oil fuel tanker fleet comprises 25 DAF vehicles which are all approved to run on HVO fuel without technical adjustments or any reduction in vehicle performance. One of our tankers has also recently won the ‘Tanker of the Year’ award run by Fuel Oil News due to its unique design, which reflects the environmentally friendly nature of the fuel, helping to further promote our renewable diesel on the road.

HVO, which stands for hydrotreated vegetable oil, is an advanced renewable diesel fuel that provides a fast and simple step towards net zero rather than the leap needed for electrification.

The paraffinic diesel fuel delivers up to a 90% reduction in net CO2 emissions ‘from well-to-wheel’ compared to conventional diesel, as well as up to a 27% reduction in nitrogen oxide and up to 84% reduction in particulate matter – all key components towards improving air quality.

We are proud to be helping pioneer change as the UK’s net zero target approaches, with industry poised for this move for some time; however, this cost-effective, practical solution appears to have been lost on the UK government.

Other European states such as Sweden recognise that climate and air quality improvement cannot rely on a “one size fits all” policy. They have instead adopted a multi-point strategy which includes the use of renewable fuels in addition to the development of the EV market. Their government passed a bill in 2017 which permitted biofuels to be subject to tax exemption. This led to a 124% increase in HVO sales in October 2017 compared with October 2016, with green diesel alternatives taking up 28% of the market, of which 83% was HVO fuel.

The reality is that the use of EVs will be restricted to domestic use rather than in commercial fleets. Crown HVO is the most viable option currently available to businesses and commercial fleet owners who want to implement greener commitments within operations right away without the high costs and additional infrastructure needed for electrification.

With the loss of red diesel duty relief set to come into place for many sectors from 1 April 2022, we hope that the government looks to introduce duty relief on low emission fuels such as HVO to help further encourage uptake.

Climate change awareness is rapidly increasing as well as new environmental laws which are set to come into place, so debating whether to include sustainability into your business model is inevitable.

Choose Crown Oil as your fuel supplier and you will already be doing your bit to tackle climate change. Call us today on 0330 123 1444 to find out more about Crown HVO fuel and what other sustainable initiatives we have in place.

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tonnes of net CO2 reduced across our transport fleet from using HVO

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