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4 Fuel Mistakes That Will Come Back to Haunt You

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With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve put together some common fuel mistakes that our customers make to help you avoid your business’s worst nightmare. If you’re brave enough to creep onto our haunted website, read on and we’ll help ensure that Trick-or-Treaters are the only thing giving you a fright this year.

Irregular fuel and tank inspections

Crown Oil Contaminated Fuel

Leaving your fuel to run on contaminated fuel is a scary concept 

Powering your generators and equipment on poor quality, degraded fuel can be catastrophic to your business. Imagine the horror of your operations coming to a halt – all because of dirty fuel.

Fuel contamination will haunt you – whether that be environmental hazards, void insurance premiums, huge clean-up costs, fuel replacement and more. It’s a recipe for disaster and can be avoided using our spookishly good fuel testing and tank inspection service. What’s more, we also have a wide range of safe and secure storage tanks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all suited to your exact requirements.

Leaving your fuel orders too late

Crown Oil Emergency Deliveries

Running out of fuel can be deadly to your business 

Can you afford to risk business downtime and significant costs as a result? Avoid a frightful Halloween this year and order your fuel ahead of the predicted Beast from the East that’s set to bring plummeting temperatures to record-breaking lows. Buying ahead of the winter rush will make sure you receive your delivery in plenty of time and can make it significantly cheaper – since there’s less demand, prices typically tend to be lower.

If you leave your tanks to run dangerously low, you could have no choice but to use emergency fuel deliveries as the winter sets in, which can lead to having to pay a premium. What’s more, icy roads and snowfall could hamper deliveries, causing delays and disruptions.

Using summer grade diesel in winter

Crown Oil Summer Winter Grade Red Diesel

The incorrect grade of diesel in your tank is a recipe for disaster

Red diesel differs in grade seasonally. While winter diesel can be used all year round because it’s more cold-resistant, summer diesel is recommended for use only during summer due to its limited resistance to the cold.

To avoid a bone-chilling disaster this winter, it’s important to make sure your tank is topped up with winter-grade diesel ahead of the cold months. All fuel suppliers automatically adjust the grade of the diesel they supply from around the 16th October each year to improve cold weather performance.

Using summer grade diesel in winter can lead to engine performance problems, severe contamination and gelling – all which are a recipe for disaster.

Choosing the wrong fuel supplier

Crown Oil Fuel Supplier

Choosing the wrong supplier can be a business nightmare 

An unreliable fuel supplier can result in time loss and hindrances in progress. Businesses can’t risk having to wait for that heavily anticipated delivery. This will cost money in man hours and equipment rental, not to mention a cauldron of other things. That’s why it pays to choose a reliable supplier from the start.

Many fuel suppliers only work to a 9-5 schedule, which is a scary thought if you ask us! We understand that many businesses work beyond the standard working day, which is why we do too. Instead of organising a witch-hunt to find the best fuel supplier, get in touch with us today to ensure you’re not paying too much or left in the lurch.

As a leading UK fuel supplier, we know what a quality delivery service looks like and what does the trick. Our phones are manned 24/7 to make sure we can get your supply to you, whether that’s 7pm on 31st October or 6am on a Bank Holiday Monday. With nationwide presence and oil depots all over the country, we can have your emergency delivery with you in a matter of hours. Our fangtastic range of products includes:

Dead Diesel – Blood red diesel for construction, agriculture and more! Get your Ghastly-oil here!
Scare-osene – Get rid of that chilling feeling by your ordering kerosene now!
Boo-bricants – Slimy creatures of the night which lubricate your machinery!
Industrial Heating-howl – You don’t have to be as bright as a full-moon to work out where to buy your industrial heating oil
White (as a ghost) Diesel – There’s no hiding away from the fact our diesel/derv prices and customer service terrifies our competitors!

There’s no trick with this one… It’s all treat.

If you need a fuel or lubricants delivery, call Crown Oil and we’ll never let you down. We’ve been a leading UK fuel and lubricants supplier for over 70 years, so it’s no mystery that we’ve got the very best fuels on offer. Don’t let your fuel mistakes lead to your downtime horror story – call 0330 123 1444 today.





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