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Heating Oil Customers Urged to Buy Early to Avoid Higher Costs

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domestic heating oilMany of our customers, both commercial and domestic often begin to ask us as early as July when they should be buying heating oil and when is the cheapest time to do so. Of course, there is no definitive answer as each and every year we notice the seasons often changing with late “Indian summers” one year, being replaced with far colder months long before we’re officially into winter in other years. So it can be difficult to predict when the best time to buy will be.

One thing you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been buying heating oil over the past few years is that as the weather begins to get colder, demand hugely increases as people begin to check and bulk buy heating oil. As a consequence of this increased demand, the wholesale cost to all suppliers increases which unfortunately means that the prices both domestic and commercial customers pay for their heating oil evidently will begin to increase as people rush to top up their oil tanks in preparation for the winter months.

As so, we always advise our customers to be mindful of both how much heating oil they have stored in their oil tanks prior to the expected increase in demand we see each and every year for both our home heating oil customers and industrial heating oil customers is to consider purchasing heating oil before the colder months set in and demand increases. It’s our general advice that customers begin to look at placing heating oil orders in and around September (based on typical weather conditions over the previous years), so you won’t be left waiting too long for your delivery.

Waiting until later into the year and or ordering during the Winter months could potentially cause issues due to the adverse weather conditions. So although we always endeavour to provide a reliable delivery service all year around. We are very much dependent on the weather conditions allowing us to safely carry out our deliveries to all of our customers.

Although it’s unlikely we’ll see conditions like the Beast from the East every year, if you live or work in a rural area and rely on your delivery of heating oil. Bear in mind that the access roads to many rural locations are often more difficult to navigate with our oil tankers which can struggle on these roads if there has been a heavy snowfall. So if you, your family or your colleagues or employees have any health conditions or underlying medical conditions which could be affected by the colder conditions. We would advise you to top up your heating oil tanks in good time to ensure you have enough to see you through the Winter, no matter how bad the conditions may get.

How Many Households Use Heating Oil?

As an example, as many as 60% of households in Suffolk are not connected to the gas network, which means they need to find an alternative way of heating their homes which in many cases will mean relying on heating oil which is often the most affordable option for many homeowners. However, to heat your home adequately can cost quite a lot of money, especially when prices rise. The rising prices have led to an increase in fuel poverty in rural areas which is a major concern that the government is trying to address.

To ensure you’re getting the best possible prices, it’s often advisable to look at buying your heating oil around September, before the colder months begin to set in and demand increases. This will not only ensure that you’re able to purchase your fuel when you need it. But also help to ensure that you’re going to be getting it at the best possible price, before demand increases and fuel suppliers begin to increase their prices as they try and meet demand from customers.

Anyone that uses heating oil to heat their home can call Crown Oil anytime on 0845 313 0845 to request a quote and ask for advice on anything from prices to when the best time to buy your heating oil will be.

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