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Heating Oil Customers Urged to Buy Early to Avoid Higher Costs

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domestic heating oilYou’ve probably noticed the weather is getting colder, which only means one thing – winter is coming and with that the prices of heating oil are also likely to increase.

We are advising all homes that use heating oil to buy their fuel in the month of September. As the days are getting shorter and tanks will be filled with heating oil, fuel thefts will also become more common.

Availability on heating oil is generally good throughout September, so you won’t be waiting weeks for your delivery. Also, because September is known for its mild weather you can be sure that your delivery won’t be disrupted because of adverse weather conditions.

These points are especially relevant for anyone that lives in a rural area. The roads aren’t as good in the countryside and tankers can struggle to get there if there has been a heavy snowfall. Your health can suffer if your home is not heated correctly, especially anyone who has an underlying medical condition.

How Many Households Use Heating Oil?

As much as 60% of households in Suffolk are not connected to the gas network, which means they need to find an alternative way of heating their home and in most cases heating oil is the only affordable option. However, to heat your home adequately can cost quite a lot of money, especially when prices rise. The rising prices have led to an increase in fuel poverty in rural areas which is a major concern that the government is trying to address. So buying your heating oil now before it gets expensive is the key.

Anyone that uses heating oil to heat their home can call Crown Oil anytime and ask for advice on anything from prices to when is the best time to buy. Citizens Advice will also be able to give you information on when to buy your heating oil.

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