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Heating Oil Thefts – Follow Police Advice to Keep Your Heating Oil Safe

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This winter you should make sure that your heating oil is safe. The word from UK police forces is that heating oil thefts are set to rise as temperatures drop below freezing and the evenings start to get darker.

Police have been asking residents to be more vigilant as in recent weeks there have been a string of heating oil thefts in rural areas.

If you notice people hanging around or vehicles parked in suspicious areas, then it is best to notify the police. Jeeps and vans are the most common types of vehicles used by criminals.

As more oil is supplied between the months of November and March, this is when reports of central heating oil thefts are at their highest.

Police are urging people to make their oil tanks difficult for thieves to access. They have created a booklet with tips on how central heating oil users can secure their tanks.


How to Prevent Thieves Helping Themselves to Your Heating Oil

Have a railing or fence protecting your tank
If there are any gates surrounding your tank, make sure they are locked
Ensure that any oil lines or pipes that are visible are hidden
A CCTV can be enough to scare off criminals. However, security lights can also be effective
Ensure that your tank is locked with a strong padlock
Your oil levels can be monitored by installing an alarm for your tank
Joining a Neighbour Watch group can prevent oil theft and other crimes in your area

Contact your local Police station to receive one of the flyers.

If you are thinking about making any amendments to your tank to make it more secure, you should contact your tank provider first to ensure that they won’t interfere with the functionality of the tank.

OFTEC has also issued a similar warning to heating oil users.

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