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Will it Snow this Christmas? How to get your fuel delivered when it snows

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What are the chances of a white Christmas? More broadly, what will the weather be like over the festive period and how is that going to impact you?

There’s often talk about the prospect of snow on Christmas Day, and whilst that helps the magical Christmas vibe, it can be, well, inconvenient.

Before we come on to the likelihood of a festive blizzard where you are, let’s get a bit of background. How often does it actually even happen?

What is a ‘white Christmas’?

The Met Office technically defines a white Christmas as ‘one snowflake to be observed falling in the twenty-four hours of 25th December somewhere in the UK.’

Just one flake! It’s hardly the postcard-perfect whiteout we imagine a white Christmas to be.

Traditionally that snow had to fall at the Met Office’s centre in London, but now they do acknowledge snowfall at numerous sites across the UK, including the Millennium Stadium and Edinburgh Castle.

How often do we actually get a white Christmas?

Settled snow on Christmas Day has only happened four times since 1967, so it’s hardly a regular occurrence! The most recent significant snowfall was in 2010 when over 80% of Met Office data stations recorded settled snowfall on Christmas Day.

If you’re looking for the last ‘technical’ white Christmas, as per the Met Office definition, that was 2015 although no snowflakes landed on the ground and only 10% of weather stations reported any snow at all.

In 1981, areas of Perthshire had 47cm of snow which is the deepest festive snow on record. The coldest Christmas Day was in 1878 when Gainford in Durham recorded a temperature of -18.3oC.

If snow and ice create issues for you and your business during the winter, spare a thought for Henry VIII who on Christmas Day in 1536 had to travel on a sleigh down the frozen River Thames to get from London Village to Greenwich. This was during a time now known as the ‘Little Ice Age’, where winter temperatures would often plummet to below -13oC and stay there.

What is this year’s Christmas weather forecast?

Bad weather around Christmas makes life difficult for everyone, particularly if you have a business to run.

The weeks either side of Christmas look set to be characterised by wind and rain for the majority of the UK. The 24 hours of Christmas Day are predicted to be clear, which could actually give the opportunity for the white stuff to fall towards the end of the day.

But will it snow this winter?

These are the actual betting odds for a ‘technical white Christmas’, collated as an average from various online betting websites at the time of writing. Of course, this is not gambling or betting advice, it’s simply to give you an idea of the chances of seeing some snow this Christmas.

9-4 Snow in Aberdeen on Christmas Day (most likely place to get snow this year!)

4-1 Snow in Manchester on Christmas Day

4-1 Snow in London on Christmas Day

5-2 Snow in Edinburgh on Christmas Day

5-1 Snow in Liverpool on Christmas Day

5-1 Snow in Leeds on Christmas Day

6-1 Snow in Birmingham on Christmas Day

5-1 Snow in Norwich on Christmas Day

8-1 Snow in Cardiff on Christmas Day

But remember, these are the odds of a technical white Christmas i.e. just one snowflake falling on the Met Office data centre in that area. The odds of what you might call a ‘proper’ white Christmas look slim.

Fuel deliveries when it’s snowing

If you’re reliant on fuels, such as red diesel, DERV, Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) and kerosene, and simply cannot risk running dry, our advice is to call us today on 0845 313 0845 to book your delivery slot. Christmas is one of the busiest periods for Crown Oil and booking early will ensure your fuel is delivered on your preferred day.

We also have emergency delivery options available should the unexpected happen over the festive period. So whilst the rest of the country will be getting stuck into their turkey, we’ll be ready and waiting to get your fuel to you before you know it.

Our 70+ years of experience in this industry means we’ve established a solid delivery network, making our response to your emergency requests rapid and reliable. We also have a variety of tankers and delivery vehicles, so it’s probable that we’ll be able to get to you no matter where you’re located and no matter what the weather ends up doing.

Whether it’s a white Christmas, wet Christmas or a windy Christmas, Crown Oil’s experience and excellent levels of customer service make us your first choice for fuels and lubricants this winter. Get in touch with us today to secure your delivery slot at this busy time. Additionally, if something unplanned does happen that needs an emergency delivery, call our friendly sales team on 0845 313 0845.

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