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How to Make Money from Your Old Unwanted Fuel

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You may have more money in your pocket than you realise. You might not have access to it yet, but we assure you, if you take good care of your fuel, it will be there… be patient.

As things change, you may have surplus fuel on your site that you no longer need. Old, unused and unwanted fuels that have been left in storage for a long time will slowly degrade and begin to corrode the tank they’re stored in.

Eventually, as the containers erode, oil could spill or leak and cause significant damage to our planet which could lead to hefty clean-up costs, not to mention prosecution or fines.

Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if you could be paid for someone else to uplift and utilise your unwanted fuels?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

If you have over 15,000 litres of fuel, we can remove it, regardless of its condition, in line with all legislation to avoid the risk of environmental damage. Not only will this save you time and money on storing these products unwillingly, if it’s in good enough condition, we will also give you a much-needed income stream by selling any suitable surplus fuels.

If there’s some contamination detected but your fuel is still rectifiable, we provide fuel polishing and fuel uplifts and transfers to get it back in tip-top condition so it can then be recycled and reused, to ensure you still get some money back after all.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your fuel in supreme condition, so you can reap the financial benefits later down the line.

After an assessment, we will offer you a highly competitive price for any fuel that’s still of good quality to be reused or recycled.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today on 0845 313 0845 to get that money back in your pocket.

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